Coming out

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Came out to my mom via email today. Half relieved and half freaked out of mind. And she wants to talk about it face to face which I don't think I can do, but she's probably going to try and corner me at home...

Her response email was full of pop psychology, about nature vs. nurture (she and my dad have been divorced forever so no male influence blah blah blah) and media influence (I mean what is that. I barely even watch tv. And I'm not easily influenced). I'm kind of pissed that she won't just take everything as everything and not try to change me or make a justification for me being me.

I should just tell her that doctors messed up my brain when I brain surgery as a baby. *snort*


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You probably had a while to

You probably had a while to come to terms with your sexual orientation. Give her some time too.