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So this was my first real week back, last week was two days and an orietation day that was rather optional. Last friday we had a pep rally, it was hilarious. They managed to stuff 21 boys into a tiny car. There were THREE in the trunk!

And let's see, the people I met last week were... I met this nice girl Lexi at orientation, she's real nice but kinda loud. As fun as she is it's a little embarrassing to walk around school with her because she's really easily exciteable and like to talk about dorky things very loudly. She's nice, but yeah. I don't mind 'cause I know I can get loud but sometimes it's just like, 'dude, chill!' I also met this nice guy.

And there's a cute boy that sits in front of me in German. On the first day of classes he talked to me and was very friendly, and got a kick outta the old jokes from my German class last year. His name is Eric. He's also a Sophomore, lol.

And OH, this boy Roman in my Russian class, he is so gorgeous and nice, and he's got this accent that's just to die for. He's Russian; from Russia. Lol. There's nine people in the whole school taking Russian, like four of them already speak it and are like the lazy people that take Spanish for an easy A because they already speak it. But he's so cute. I'm not sure how old he is though, I never talk to the ones I have the huge crushes on.

And there's a girl who's in my Russian and German class, she's also taking French. She's nice, and has a cute accent, and we have a lot in common; like we both absolutely love other languages and such, and anime, among other things. And our converstations are interesting. Spoken in many different languages. Lol. Our little chats are usually something like; 'Bonjour, ogenki desu ka? Muy Bien, Spasiba, und dir?' Five languages in two sentences. Lol. We're more amused by the fact that we can do that and understand what the other is saying without confusing eachother. No, we just confuse everyone else. ... I think I have a crush on her, too. XD

Jeff. He lives around the corner from me, he's a year younger than me, and I think he likes me. I ran into him on Saturday and we spent a few hours together.

Then on Monday and Tuesday it was like he didn't want to talk to me at all. :/ I was like, 'Whatev., if he wants to talk to me, he'll talk to me'. And he talked to me. :] But yeah. Tuesday I got a cell phone. I actually memorized the number already, which is beyond amazing. Lol. Hmm... Also on Tuesday, I hung out with Nathan at lunch, a cute little Sophomore boy[whats with the younger boys this year?] that sits by me in US Government.

He seems sweet, he reminds me of a friend of mine from freshman year.

I'm not sure what I did on Wednesday, actually, though I did make a new friend, her name is Jessica. I really like her.

Yesterday I sorta just... chilled. Nothing particularly memorable, really. Oh, we went to a school carnival that my little brother's school had. It was semi-lame, but entertaining enough.

And today. Today was good. I spent a good deal of time chatting with Jessica, this weekend is her brithday, apparently, which is cool. She's a raver who just recently moved here; and I'm gonna make her cool kandi for her B-day. Just because she's cool and the only raver I know. At lunch I hung with her, and met her friends. They're pretty cool, friendly enough. My favorite was the tall one that set off my gaydar. He gave big nice hugs. :3

Oh, and today in German, I was chatting with Eric. And I had told Jeff about this silly German sorta pick-up line, and Jeff got a huge kick outta it. So I thought maybe Eric might like it; since he usually gets a good few laughs outta my German jokes and stuff.

So I say to him, jokingly, "Wie ist dein nummer?" and he says, 'Huh?' so I tell him, "What's your number?" I figured he laugh but instead he looks up at me, and says, 'Really?' and picks up his pencil and pulls my notebook toward him. I said "Sure", so he gave me his number. That was really cool. :3 And we watched the Simpsons in German today; which was pretty neat, and hilarious.


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Five languages in two sentences...

that is awesome.

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Way to go ash. I'm happy for

Way to go ash. I'm happy for you. Really. And I wanna appologize for being such an ass even though I was trying to help. Ah-le' Aneleh.

"o' Mehay shmah' Mehay-hena' keyika ka-shmah' Mehay-jacon' itil a quean' enea. Nesera. But he who dances with Everything, he is lost- For he who dances with Everything cannot leave the dance, and will face the Fire. So dance."

only upside to my year is that I can amaze football jocks with feats of strength(don't ask how that works, cuz I don't understand it either...) and I have not lost control of myself yet.

I miss you, Ashley... Ah-le' Ahnleh.

"Shm' Ahnmik' Mana' Ecl' le' Tobias"