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Ha ha. Hoped that would get your attention. Okay, here goes.
Life is not very kind, We very often do not get to do what you want to do. Hell, we very often do not tell other people what it is that we even want to do. So, the purpose of this forum topic is to declare yourself and say exactly what it is that you have always wanted to do/be/accomplish.
Nobody knows who you are, and nobody can laugh.
I'll go first. I want to own a house in San Francisco on the corner of Montgomery and Union, at the top of Telegraph Hill. It is the most beautiful place in the world to me. I want to go to UC Berkeley, and I pray I'll get in and get the scholarships that let me pay for it. I want to travel across America and Europe. I want to have kids. I want to have two bulldogs, one named Ulysses and Ozymandias. I want a a volvo, an old minicooper, a 1970 Pontiac firebird 400, a volkswagen van, and assorted other cars. I want to be sure of myself and my sexual orientation. I want to genuinely have a crush on someone, instead of always feeling isolated. I want to have a friend that depends on me, and lets me know that. I want to be able to depend on someone like that, too. I want to get married someday. I want to make movies, or if I'm not brave or good enough to do that, writing would be perfectly acceptable. Damnit, no. No perfectly acceptables. I WANT MOVIES. Fuck yeah.

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What do I want...?

I would love to be an established artist, as recognizeable as Georgia O'Keefe (a painter) or Ansel Adams (a photographer). I want to teach not just tolerance, but acceptance. And I want people to listen and to learn it.

I want a boyfriend. I try not to be too terribly picky but hey, this is what I WANT, so I can be as specific and idealistic as I wish to be. :P I want him to be vegan, atheist, and creative. Not too much taller than me, preferably my height but that's pretty much to far-fetched to be even idealistic. XD I want him to be the kind of person who can just stick to one thing, I need some consistency in my chaotic life.

I want to have kids when I'm older, and I'll be the an awesome parent to them, the way my dad is for me. :)

And, in the future, I WANT my body to be visually indistingualbe from a cisgender man's body. Maybe a little more scarred, but far more functional and less numb than the current surgeries can do. I'd love that.

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There is going to me a movie

There is going to be a movie about Georgia O'Keefe on Lifetime next month. Just

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As a SF resident, I'd agree that is a picturesque part of San Francisco, but I don't know that would be a top choice of where to live, really. Very touristy, so every day you leave the house, it's slow moving people with maps walking around aimlessly. At least in my hood, you just see them going by in sightseeing buses without stopping, much better. You can get the same views and such by moving west on the same axis and leave the tourist area. I prefer Castro/Mission/Noe Valley, really. And, you aren't getting 5-6 cars in SF unless you're a multi-millionaire with a private, huge garage. I think Danielle Steel has 24 cars or somesuch, but most people I know have one per household, or (like me) none.

Also, UC Berkeley for film? I know it's offered, but really UCLA or USC are the way to go in California for film stuff. Film school is almost more about networking than developing talent, so you need to go to one of the big three (NYU being the third), if you want to sync up with the people who will be better able to land you jobs and help you advance a career.

I'm sure msquared can fill you in on such things, since he's a screenwriting major, I think, now at USC on a scholarship.

"People who are happy are slugs... They do not move the human race forward."
-- Camille Paglia, on Oasis

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And THIS is exactly what we

And THIS is exactly what we do not want on this forum topic. No discouraging here people. That's the entire point. But yah, thanks for the heads up about msquared. I know about the whole touristy thingy... I live close enough to care. It sucks in the summer, especially the Japanese Tea Garden. Having to wait while people take pictures isn't that fun. If this is a perfect world, I'd live there. But.... *sigh*

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i'm going to make this as

i'm going to make this as short as possible...

i will go to NYU, graduate near the top of my class, and live in the city.
i will fall madly in love with someone, marry her, and probably settle down in a small town. somewhere like Provincetown.
i will have a family. at least two children, no more than four.
and i will write books, movies, & plays for the rest of my life.

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I want to buy a 16 foot

I want to buy a 16 foot diameter tipi and live in it on a tiny little rented plot of land in Oregon or some other beautiful state and be close to nature and grow most of my own food. :D
I also want to live in Scotland, but I wouldn't want to live in a tipi in Scotland... This sounds weird but that country smells so good. Like fresh, cold air and horses and ocean. I love it there.
Another dream of mine was to buy an old, disused church somewhere and renovate it into a freaking awesome house with a drastically open floorplan and high ceilings and stained glass windows...

My future's a little bit all over the place.
"Be who you are and say what you feel, because those who mind don't matter and those who matter don't mind." -Dr. Seuss

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I wanna move to the uk,

I wanna move to the uk, and... actually I don't know otherwise. I just wanna move. I'd like scotland a lot, but london or cardiff would be cool too. Mind you, just cardiff. Not all of wales. >>

"Assets, what are our assets?"

"Well I've got a banana, and in a pinch you could put up some shelves..."

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I want to get married,

I want to get married, preferably to my current girlfriend, and have 2-3 kids. I want to raise those kids in a small city (not town, mind you) like the one where I grew up--small enough to get around in easily, but big enough to have everything you'd need. I don't know where I'll find a place like that since I'm not sure that Texas is the place for me, but I'm working on it. I want to support my family through my medical practice, but also have enough time off that I can play with and help my children as much as possible. I also want to take them on awesome vacations around the world during the summer like my dad has done for me and my siblings. Basically, I want to do what my parents have done, with the exceptions of having a spouse that is female instead of male and that isn't necessarily a doctor as well.

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I'm gonna own my own little

I'm gonna own my own little diner somewhere in the Pacific Northwest, have enough tattoos to scare the crap out of every conservative I meet. I'll have a studio apartment above it, with a cat and a dog. I'll drive an old diesel mercedes and have a bike for short-distance days. I'll have a Ph.d in psychology and a B.A. in psychology and anthropology, but revel in the fact that i use my education to learn about my customers instead of having some sort of practice. i may have a girlfriend, I may not.

so for those of you falling in love
keep it kind, keep it good, keep it right
throw yourself in the midst of danger
and keep one eye open at night.
--"Elephants" Rachel Yamagata

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Honestly.... I've always

Honestly.... I've always wanted to become an actor or sing professionally. Like in a band or whatnot. And I've been told that I'm fairly good at both things... but, y'know, I've been told that I'm pretty much good at anything I turn my hand to.
And that's a bit fuckin' hard to believe.
Failing that, I want to do my 3D anim course, get the diploma, move to the US and get a job doing modeling for one of the various studios over there. Preferably, I'd like to move to NY and be awesome and meet some fan-fuckin-tastic girl, somehow, eventually get married and settle down somewhere a little warmer and nicer - maybe even moving back here, to NZ in my old age, when my gaggle of children have grown up and created new, adorable little grandkids for me to love and take care of in the way my Grandparents took care of me. Honestly, sometimes I think I'm looking forward to grandchildren more than children XD
But in an ideal world, I'd somehow stumble my way into making it big with either acting or music - both things I love more than life itself at times. Because both are the most amazing therapy out there. Life long passions much? =P
Kinda long, whoops.

-- You like my helm? It's +5 sexterity. Like dexterity, but with 'sex' on the front... yeah...

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I feel like I dont dream anymore. Maybe I'll come up with something someday sometime...

Nothing is good or bad, but thinking makes it so.

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I want to get my bachelor's in psych, then a master's in counseling psychology and get a steady good-paying job of sorts. Travel Europe while I'm going through all that in university, on breaks with my best buddies. Drive a BMW, wear a Rolex. Build Lego models in my spare time. Get married to the right woman, and have 1 or 2 children with her. Raise my kids well, and I hope I'll be a good parent, because I've learnt from my own parents how not to deal with your kids in certain stressful situations. Enjoy life, be happy. And then travel some more!

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hm...*thoughtful look*

well, first off, i want to live in washington or oregon. since we're being picky, i want to live on the olympic peninsula, on a big property that's like a farm almost, with a pond in the backyard and a meadow and forest of course farther from the house. i want to have designed the house, and i want it to have an octagonal library/study two stories tall on the top of the house.
i want a bunch of pets--a few cats, a dog or two, a horse, a big fish tank...guess that's not too many pets after all.
whatever my job is, whether biologist of some sort, or architect/designer, or photographer/artist, i want to be good at it, and i want to enjoy it--i don't want to spend my life second-guessing whether i chose the right job.
i want to have a supportive husband or wife, and two or three kids.
i want to live in a way that doesn't make me feel guilty (environment-wise).
i want to know who i am and be sure of what i believe in.
i want to be content.
Two wrongs don't make a right but three lefts do!

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nothing happens unless first we dream. ~carl sandburg

I want to travel the world. I wan to backpack through Europe. Go to Italy, Australia, Ireland, France, Greece, Nepal, India, Tibet, Canada, Argentina, England, Spain, Brazil, and many others. I want to visit a monastery. A convent. See the Niagra Falls, the Great Barrier Reef, the Aurora Boreolis. I want to make a documentary. I want to fall in love. I wan to be sure of my sexual orientation. I want to write. I want to create something that reaches someone, truly, and that they will always carry with them. I want to volunteer abroad. I want to attend the Bonaroo Music Festival. I want to get married. I want kids. I want to go whale watching. I want to go on a nation-wide road trip. I want to sleep out under the stars and watch a meteor shower. I want to learn to sail, and sail away around the world for a few months. I want friends that actually need me. I want friends I need. I want to be loved by a non-family member. I want the support from my family to do whatever makes me happy in life, no matter what kind of education it does or doesn't include, no matter the paycheck, no matter how long it takes me to get there. I want to live in a non-english speaking country for at least a year. I want to march for equal rights in D.C. I want to visit San Francisco, New York, Chicago, Seattle, New Orleans, and Boston. I want to go back to visit Santa Fe, maybe live there. I want to live in New York or San Francisco. I want to learn darkroom photography. I want to change someone's life. I want to change the world, and if I can't I want to change whatever piece of it I can reach. I want to be someone's best friend. I want one of those 'moments', the ones where you can just feel how special and extraordinary they are, then you look back and see that you experienced something rare or fleeting, but it will last you forever. I want to never be lonely again. I want to be happy. I want to just be me...

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I wanna graduate from Law

I wanna graduate from Law School and do something entirely different. Like sing, or act, or play in a band, or cook for TV, or write books. Then I want to meet a cool, hot, smart, nice, sexy actor and fall in love with him. I want us to marry somewhere cool, like Hawaii, and then move to LA (we'll also have a cool loft in NY). Then I want to be known for being a great singer/actor/writer/whatever and for dating a very hot a cool guy.
I wanna have a dog and I wanna walk it in the beach. Actually, I wanna walk my dog (god I love her :) )in the beach with the hot smart nice guy. I also wanna be a great cook.
I want to drive a Bentley and a Smart, I want to be super healthy and I want to have a huge shower with no walls around it. I want our (mine and my husband's) bedroom to be huge and have a great view.
I wanna go to award ceremonies. I also want to be able to come back here with the guy and just have a cool relaxing month. I also want lots of privacy. I want to always have my best friends around me.

Mostly, I wanna fall in love with someone who will completely change my life and give me the strength and courage I've never had and I've always needed.

I'm sort of ridiculous :)

" . . . The sun does not shine upon this fair earth to meet frowning eyes, depend upon it." Charles Dickens

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I want...

I want to write.
I want to create things with my hands.
I want to learn animation and make short films.
I want to come up with something original. Something that changes someone.
I want to live alone for a while.
I want a dog.
I want to drive a red pick-up truck.
I want to learn several languages.
I want to create a comic book.
I want to read whenever I feel like it.
I want to paint murals in my home.
I want to travel.
I want to adopt a kid.
I want to be able to figure out a belief system that doesn't make me scream in frustration.
I want to give my parents a "take me or leave me" ultimatum.
I want to be able to marry whoever the fuck I want, because someday, just maybe,
I want to get married.

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forget what i said

forget what i said earlier...
i like this better.

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i want to go to finlandand marry my fiance'. then have 2-3 kids with her, give them the life i never had and once they are adults satu and i will live life to its fullest until we are old and gray.

"There was never any good old days
They are today, they are tomorrow
It's a stupid thing we say
Cursing tomorrow with sorrow"
-Gogol Bordello

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I want to own my own horse. I want to have enough income to live off of, but I don't need oodles. I want to be with someone who loves me for my ups and my downs, and not in spite of them, and I want to feel the same way about her.

More than anything, I just want to be happy.

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A strong enough desire will eventually lead to reality. So instead of "want", I will use "will", which is, ironically, my name as well. =)

I will have six packs.
I will have control over my time and thoughts.
I will become a professor, a gay right activist, a millionaire, and a contributor of society.
I will marry the love of my life.
And I will die knowing that I've achieved much in life.

Nothing is good or bad, but thinking makes it so.

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I can't achieve if I don't dream.

I like what Will said.

I will marry my girlfriend, and in one respect, my life will be complete on that day.
I will be a music major and live and breathe music nearly every moment of every day.
I will be a chemistry minor and read dorky science magazines to stay in this world instead of abandoning it for music.
I will write music that will help other people.
I will be the musical director of a Broadway show.
I will finally become truly fluent in German, and have at least a working knowledge of Italian and Russian.
We will have a place to live together.
I will never have to feel lonely again because I will have her, and we will die together someday after long and wonderful lives together.
I'll never lose my cynical mind or my romantic heart.

tenmilestilts's picture


i love how you said that last part: "cynical mind" and "romantic heart". that's it! i've never been able to describe it right but that's totally me. XD ...that was a major lightbulb moment.
Two wrongs don't make a right but three lefts do!

Merric's picture


I think that's me as well.

...We really are all the same person!

tenmilestilts's picture

Yeah we are. It's pretty

Yeah we are. It's pretty amazing isn't it?
Two wrongs don't make a right but three lefts do!

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I want to find a person,

I want to find a person, though likely a woman, that I love with all my heart, who amazes me every moment of the day, and who loves me back in equal amounts and makes me feel totally at ease with myself. Oh, and the sex should be good too ^^

I want to live either in New York City (or maybe San Francisco) or a small town in New Hampshire. Haven't decided yet. Maybe a little of each.

I want to do lighting design for a living, but have ample time for my own pursuits.

In addition to lighting design (here's the "my own pursuits" bit), I want to write music. I want this music to be published and recognized, but mostly I want it to move people. Hell, if this is the have-anything-you-want thread: I want at least one piece of music that moves people to tears. (Note: a lot of this music will be choral music.)

I want to sing in a fantastic concert choir and a fantastic chamber choir, conducted by a badass woman or adorable gay man. I want to sing alto, not tenor, and I want to love and trust my fellow singers and never stress about their intonation or vowel shape, because they're just that good.

I want to stay in touch with my close friends and make lots of new friends... and basically, have a wonderful network of close friends who I love and trust. I want regular phone contact with a close circle of 10 or so people, and one or two best friends that I trust with absolutely everything.

I want to stop falling for awkward, uncomfortable people. (But this won't be a problem because of my wonderful partner, see above.)

I want to stop being insecure; I want to be utterly secure and confident in myself.

I want to be a bombshell.

I want to know myself.

I want to write stories too.

I want a regular D&D game.

I want my marriage to be legal and accepted, and I want to longer have to censor or second-guess myself in conversation. I want my minority status to no longer be important.

That's all for now. That was really fun ^^

Megan: "Cheers are supposed to be simple, make people feel good."
Graham: "Cheers make girls do stupid cartwheels. Orgasms make people feel good."
-But I'm a Cheerleader

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I want to graduate from high school with amazing grades.
I want to keep all of my amazing friends
I want to go to UC berkeley and major in plant biology and minor in LGBTQ studies and live in the Oscar Wilde Co-op
I want to meet a girl there who I fall in love with. who is incredibly nice, and beautiful and then join the peace corps with her.
I want to move to south america with her and study with shamans to learn ancient medicine.
I want to move back to the US perferably Ashland OR and have a small house.
I want to have or adopt two kids.
I want to run a natural pharmacy or do cancer research with plants.
I want to retire and move to the Ozark mountains in Arkansas with my partner and start a small farm and live happily there until we get too old then come back to CA and live near my kids until I die peacefully.

CRAZY DREAMS... but hey some might come true. I'll probably laugh if I look back at this in 20 years!

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I love this thread :D

Even though I know it's pretty impossible and that 99.9% of people don't make it, I want to sing, perform at Cropredy Folk Festival at some point in time. I'm pinning all my hopes on it, but it's all I've ever wanted to do. I don't care about the rest :)


"Inside my heart is breaking, my make-up may be flaking, but my smile stays on..."

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I want

To win the power ball lottery when its really big so I can use the money to set up a School and home for Run a way gay kids. A place where they could get a good education and NO harassment from anyone. I want to buy a RV Resort in Geneva Ala and get it out of the hands of a stupid moron who is running the place, remodel it, fix it up and open it up again for the gays who travel and live in the area. I want to set up a scholarship program for glbt kids who are not all A students and give them a chance to get ahead in the world with out worrying about how to pay for the schooling. I want to live forever, yet not age any more. I want a lover slave who will do what I want when I want it and not pressure me into it. He must be young, good looking and long haired. Ah the things of dreams. But with out them life is dull. Who knows...may be if I keep playing the lottery maybe...just maybe...that one dream will come true!

Genius is not a sign of intelligence, but rather
that of common sense. Humor is the best pain pill.

l.enigma_ambulante's picture

My grandparents travel to

My grandparents travel to Alabama every winter. =] Is Geneva down by the gulf?

[[Love means you can never be apart... <3]]

oldfoxbob's picture

Geneva Ala

Geneva Alabama is south west from Dothan, south of Enterprise, North east of Mobil. Really its in the middle of nowhere. Town is about 5000 people. One gay nudist RV park ( the one I want to take over) and NO BARS. its a dry county. Does that help?

Genius is not a sign of intelligence, but rather
that of common sense. Humor is the best pain pill.

jasna's picture

I want to go to John's

I want to go to John's Hopkins or Dartmouth, and do something in medicine. I want to keep going with my art and writing. I want to live in a small house and live off the land. I want to move to Europe at some point. Eventually I want to find someone to spend the rest of my life with.

and write now, I could go for some food.

FalconWright's picture

I want to go to South Seas

I want to go to South Seas Film and Television School and become a director, I want to direct post-apocoalyptica movies that are barely veiled commentary on how the world really is, that are gritty, and slightly sickening, I want to make people see the world for what it is with my movies, touch lives, and get my message out there. I want to meet and marry a man who will take care of me and stand by me, even when I fail, who will always be there for me and always tell the truth. I want a house built to resemble minas-tirith (I know I'm silly, but I do)

I want my parents to realize I'm perfectly fine without being chained down to the floor.

I want to save cows from being eaten and have a kitty, and throw paint at assholes who wear fur, I want my parents to let me be vegan instead of forcing cheese etc. down my throat for my "Health".

Well that was a blurt.

Ty M. Berium ; The Sacred Green Crystal

l.enigma_ambulante's picture

That would be one freaking

That would be one freaking awesome house!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ahem. Anyways. =]

[[Love means you can never be apart... <3]]

tenmilestilts's picture

yeah, if you get a house

yeah, if you get a house like that can i visit?
and i totally understand what you mean about the whole vegan thing...i'm only vegetarian, but my mom is soo annoying about it.
Two wrongs don't make a right but three lefts do!

l.enigma_ambulante's picture

Hah. I don't really know

Hah. I don't really know how long this will be.. I'm guessing extremely. But I'll go with it.

At this moment, I want to be smart enough to go to UW Madison, get my Bachelor's in Astronomy and Physics, Go on to get my Master's in the same field, then do my Grad. Research in a foreign country, preferrably in Switzerland. Then, I want to do extensive research into how the universe was formed, and I want to disprove certain religious theories about how the earth was made. I want to prove that the universe is either infinite or where exactly it ends. I want to find proof that alien life forms exist, and I want to search for a better fuel source to power spacecraft so they go faster and can go longer distances.

Now, at this moment, I want to get my degree here at Alverno, majoring in English. I want to be a fiction writer who travels the world. I want to write about things that matter- to me, and also to others. I would listen to my fans needs.

I want to become an Art Historian and work in a major museums, preferrably in Italy. I would also like to become an expert on either Da Vinci or Bernini. (I know, two different types here hah)

I want to be a photojournalist for National Geographic, and also write the stories I shoot photos for. I want to travel to third world countries and bring the world's attention to the help that these countries need. I want people to realize that THESE are the people we need to help, financially and otherwise.

I would love to lose a bit of weight.. 60 pounds is good for me.
I would like to be able to learn constantly through my whole life.
I don't want to become jaded, like my mother.
I want to be able to experience new things and enjoy them.
I want the world to accept LGBTQ people for who we are.
I want to be able to come out to my family one day, and have them accept me.
I want the world to be at peace, with everyone living on the same earth, not fighting about who is right or wrong. Just.. living.. being.
And most of all....
I want this list to become truth.

[[Love means you can never be apart... <3]]

Inkblot's picture

I want...

To live in a college town, be a librarian, marry my girlfriend, be a good father if I have kids, have a largeish dog, never own a car, get some tattoos and get really good at playing ukulele.

Do I shock you darling?
-Sally Bowles, Cabaret

gaynow's picture

Haha I read that as "live in

Haha I read that as "live in a college town, be a lesbian..." Huh. I feel like that's a funny thing to wish for in your future, but whatever floats your boat, darling...

P.S. Floats your boar. Haha, that's a great mental image. Yay typos!

Megan: "Cheers are supposed to be simple, make people feel good."
Graham: "Cheers make girls do stupid cartwheels. Orgasms make people feel good."
-But I'm a Cheerleader

I am tots's picture

I want

To buy a warehouse, rig up my room, a bathroom, and some other random rooms, and then; build a stage and advertise as a venue for bands to play at and people to come to.

in rainbows's picture

i want...

to become a really good chef and open my own restaurant. i want to marry my girl. I want to move to Canada and get a house with a beautiful view. i want to adopt two children, a boy and a girl, and raise them to be good people. and give them the childhood i never really had. i want two dogs, a Siberian husky and maybe a chocolate lab (haven't really decided on what the second one should be yet ^-^), a cat and an awesome saltwater aquarium, annnnd a bunny :). i want to own a BMW and i want her to have what ever car she wants. i want to be able to know that even if i had a bad day at work, i had a warm home, a loving wife and to awesome kids to come home to and make me feel better. i want to be able to not worry about the bills getting paid, or about getting food on the table. i want to live a long happy life with my girl, and watch our kids grow up.
i think thats about it.

"why, does she have a penis?" -Datarock
(cause im geeky like that XD)

AlwaysFallingDeeper's picture

I want...

to make everything on her list above come true...

“Love's not a competition but I'm winning"

meester_ess's picture


I want to live in one of those little houses in downtown Davis. I will get a pair of birkenstocks, not shave my legs, and be a perfect little Davisite hippy. I will be a UC Davis psychology professor/researcher, or if that falls through, a DHS or DVHS life sciences/psychology teacher. I will sit on my front porch and play my acoustic guitar, and watch all of the crazy soccer moms shuttle their entitled kids from school to lessons to practice to therapy. And if someone comes up to me with something, anything, to talk about, I will invite them to sit with me on my front porch, and I will listen to their life story and help them with anything, or just listen. I will become an integral part of my community, and serve my country as well as the earth, because without those things I am nothing. If anyone questions my integrity because I am an atheist lesbian republican, I will defend myself without putting the other person down. I will teach the world how to be happy, and how to accept what they cannot change. I will let people be themselves, and facilitate the growth of both my own mind, and the minds of those around me. What I really want is to make the world a better place.

gaynow's picture

Whooo! I forgot to put that

Whooo! I forgot to put that bit about not shaving my legs in mine... Right on!

Megan: "Cheers are supposed to be simple, make people feel good."
Graham: "Cheers make girls do stupid cartwheels. Orgasms make people feel good."
-But I'm a Cheerleader