Dirty Dancing

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And so the day has come when Hollywood has decided that my most beloved movie ever needs to be remade. Yes, someone has decided that it would be a smart idea to remake Dirty Dancing. Because apparently the sequel wasn't failure enough so now it's time to completely remake the original. Blech....I can't believe they are remaking it. I Love that movie, I have since I was a kid. They can try but nothing, to me, will ever be anything close to how good the original.

The chemistry between Jennifer Grey and Patrick Swayze was and is something I highly doubt they'll be able to replicate. The dancing, choreographer, writers (Eleanor you rock!), music, director (RIP), supporting actors. Everything just came together for that movie. The choices they made. Now Hollywood, because they are money hungry and the writers are either too lazy or too unoriginal to create anything good are now going to try and recreate magic. Boo on you Hollywood!

I mean, you never know maybe they'll pull it off and make a decent movie but chances are they won't and it'll just be some cheesy rip-off of the original like most remakes. Please, just no Zac Efrons or Brad Pitts! I think awesome unknown actors would be best.


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ohdeargod. & i heard they're

& i heard they're remaking Footloose, too. with that guy from Gossip Girl as Kevin Bacon's character.
buut i hated Footloose, and i loooooove Dirty Dancing. i just hope to got they don't completely ruin it this time..

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They can't *ruin* Dirty Dancing, since the original still exists. Just like a movie adaptation can't ruin a book, because the book still exists.

The problem is that people are more likely to see something familiar than something foreign, so they remake this stuff and people attend more than when they do something new. Same problem they have on Broadway. I mean, there were Footloose AND Dirty Dancing shows there, too.

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