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religion is ridiculous and i am done.


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My parents and I actually

My parents and I actually discussed religion at dinner tonight. Coincidence?
<3 FLAME ON! <3

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My parents are Christians

My parents are Christians (I'm an atheist) but my dad isn't all that active while my mom always goes to church. Politically they're moderates though.

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Religion really is quite odd. I mean, those overly christians, they're worshipping a guy that said to accept everybody, but they don't accept anybody. There's always -somebody- not to accept... always struck me as odd.

Not that I hate religion itself, I just don't much like the people that take it all too far..
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Welcome to the club :D I

Welcome to the club :D I find it ridiculous also and not to mention very contradictory and full of lies :))

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I don't know if I think it's ridiculous per se, but as a non-believer I'd say I'm in the club. :)

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my step sister kinda helped

my step sister kinda helped me see, and now i couldnt agree more. most of it doesnt make sense at all. yay im in the club lol :D

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i go to catholic school,

and it's only convinced me that religion is just something that was made up to control people. i don't really trust people over 10 years old with imaginary friends... :)
you're something to die for.

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that IS the diff. of religion, isn't it!?

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Hey, I also went to a

Hey, I also went to a Catholic School and I arrived to a very similar conclusion... except that I don't trust people that talk to themselves and need huge rooms to do so.

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i don't trust or like people who make you move so much to worship it could be called 'The Pope's Physical Fitness Test' i mean, you kneel, up,kneel,up, turn around & drink a shot of wine, kneel, up, out the door, you don't know if it's church or the hokey-pokey!
"look at him! i would die for him! i would kill for him! either way, what bliss!" ~gomez addams

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To quote Mitchell and Webb:

"...If I thought it was wrong? Like I'd know! Like I have any chance of forming an independant basis of right and wrong outside the instructions of some supervisory being! No Lord, I am your bitch."


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