Electric Blue Series

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Anyone remember the Electric Blue adult video series that was on the Playboy Channel back in the early to mid 80's? I'm looking for the lesbian segment titled" The Fly and The Spider" or vice-a-versa and I can't seem to find it anywhere.

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The "Spider" was Kay Parker...

Ms. Parker, a porn legend of the '80s ("Taboo"), was featured in this obscure short portraying a "spider and fly" lesbian seduction. The title was "Web of Desire" or "Web of Passion". It's NOT the spider-fly segment from "Naughty Network" (1981), or the porn film "Web of Desire" made a few years later. This is a very difficult item to come by (so to speak), and often was shown on its own, as filler during the early Playboy Channel days; as such it was about 10 minutes of intense erotica. In a rope web, to an electronic score, Ms. Parker strips and tantalizes a petite brunette, splayed out at her mercy. The only on-camera sounds are the moans of the two women as they climax in respective moments. It reportedly played at some erotic film festivals, and has unfortunately disappeared. Good luck finding it. As I remember, it's worth the search.

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Not sure how many current teens will remember something that aired on an adult channel before they were born... try afterellen?

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Kay Parker Web Of Desire

I remember that short. I'm not sure if it was under the "Electric Blue" brand. In any case, did you eventually find it? If so, is it part of some compilation or collection? I'd definitely like to buy it, order it, download it, stream it or whatever?

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least they are giving tween

bulldykes ideas for porn....lol.

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I have no idea what's going on. lol

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Is a very old post. Look at the date.

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I know it's an old post.

I know it's an old post. Nothing ventured. Nothing gained.

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