Even if the sky is falling down

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Got my permit today, woooo! I drove to Target and home lol. My mom held onto the "oh shit" bar the second I turned on the ignition, oh plus she was screaming the whole time. LOVE IT.

John's gone, everyone's leaving and I start school in 6 days. I need to type up my AP work.

I finished my room, it looks amazing. Actually at night it looks like a night club, especially if I turn on the blacklight and light a candle. I had people over the other night and we just danced the whole time. It was tight as shit.

The lady at the MVA had to ask me my ethnicity, she thought I was latino or of hispanic decent. I had to break it to her that I'm white. Heartbreaking, I know.
My mom got a kick out of that though, she told me I should have said Asian.

So I found out that a lot of the sophmores coming to the main building this upcoming year are bi. Too bad the majority of them are going to be scene kids who are into drugs and shit. Oh and too bad I'm not into any of the listed anymore.

I do kind of have a big liking for this one girl though. It's never going to happen though, which sucks.


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For the permit. I'm jealous.
I don't get mine til January.
<3 FLAME ON! <3

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Ah that sucks dude. Their

Ah that sucks dude. Their changing the law (at least in MD) that you have to keep your permit for 9 months instead of the 5.