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not really. just kinda feel like it.

you know what's the greatest thing in the world? wheat toast + extra crunchy peanut butter + sliced bananas + drizzled honey = looooooove. omg, it's so good. and you feel so sinfully healthy eating it. i mean, you've got fiber and protein and good sugar (i think?) and potassium and yummmmmm.

rockin' the old-fashioned hair part right now. i wish i could dress old-fashioned...ish. it would be pretty cool to walk around in oxfords and suspenders. :D i'll figure something out.

geh, my head is not functioning properly right now. lol, my pit bull is up here on the couch with me, where he usually doesn't tread, and my dog is settled at the door giving the pit bull the glare. it's so cute.

siblings go back to school on monday. i stay here looking for a job...still. i have applied everywhere major aside from mcdonald's, taco bell, burger king, arby's, and k-mart. my dad keeps saying, wait till everyone goes back to school! well, everyone has gone back, and no one's hiring! ugghhhh....maybe i'm just not employable. i dunno.

gahhhh....haven't a creative thought in my head right now. i have an idea for something, but it's a doozy and it's gonna take a lot of research and a lot of thought before i can knock this one out. hope i have the patience for it.


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That does sound really good.
And I've always wanted to wear suspenders. Lol.
<3 FLAME ON! <3

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Oxfords + suspenders = <3.

Oxfords + suspenders = <3. At least Oxfords lol. They're so classy and comfy.

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I think the peanut butter constitutes more of a fat than a fiber. ;-)

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