Favorite gay or lesbain book?

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Does anyone have any suggestions on any good gay and lesbian themed books worthy of reading?




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I know a few.

Annie on my Mind. (An oldie but goody)
Anything by David Levithan. He's awesome.
Geography club. Trust me. Its great.
My Tiki Girl is decent...
I think thats about it. Hope I helped!!!
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ive only read like two, but only remember one lol.
"Rainbow boys- Alex Sanchez
ive heard that the books he writes are pretty good :)

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um... Annie on My Mind and

um... Annie on My Mind and Keeping You a Secret.
i like Empress of the World/Rules for Hearts, too, but they aren't as .. deep, i guess is the word .. as Annie/KYS.
and i read Deliver us from Evie a few years ago. it was okay, considering it was from the POV of her brother.
& for gay books, The Rainbow Boys Series.

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Well this summer I read My Father's Scar by Michael Cart and The Vast Fields of Ordinary by Nick Burd. I really liked The Vast Fields of Ordinary, about a gay guy the summer before he starts college, and he falls in love and becomes best friends with a lesbian. The main character is also an aspiring writer, and overall I enjoyed the book.

Another book I read last year was a book of poetry. Talking In the Dark: A Poetry Memoir by Billy Merrel. I highly recommend Billy Merrel's poetry. Merrel is gay and he writes all these wonderful poems about growing up and life, being gay, falling in love, etc. I loved that book.

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Hm, well rainbow boys would

Hm, well rainbow boys would b emy first choce for gay books, and then keeping you a secret, bu tI don't read very many of them...

Also, center of the earth, I think it's called. It's kind of oddly set up, and not exactly specifically about the relationship, but it's about the guy in the relationship and sort of growing up, figuring out life... I dunno, I liked it, but it's hard to explain...

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Hard Love

Has anyone read Hard Love?
I read this book a few years ago and really liked it.