Ferris wheel of death!

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Mwahahaha! kidding :D They've got this fair kind of thing going on just down the street from my house. They've got a bunch of rides including the spinner one which is my absolute favourite since I was a kid. It makes other people nauseous, it makes me happy :) It brings me back to when I used to go to this fair thing that was held at the park near my old house every once in a while. I remember one time my sister took me and my nephew and our next door neighbours/friends and we went in the spinner thing. I took the absolute wrong seat and got totally squashed. It hurt too, with three boys squashed against me. Ehh...I had so much fun though, even through the little bit of pain.

Confession time : I've never been on a Ferris wheel, surprisingly enough. I used to be afraid of heights but now not as much but it's still there at times. Although, I'm sure one of these days *someone* will persuade me to get on one.

On the weird side of things : I don't really know what's going on with me lately. Or my life. But it feels like every single day for the past week or so has totally passed me by. Slipped away. I feel like there isn't enough daytime for me to get anything done. There are things that I need to do but I'm just not getting them done because it feels like there's like Zero time for me to sit down and do them.

- I Keep forgetting to call back the college and ask if I can go to the orientation again. I went a day after my previous college program ended (because one of the teachers said I should even though I wasn't starting till September) Now I want to go again because theres things I feel he forgot to mention plus I'd rather start with all the other new students.

- I keep forgetting to call the phone company so they can fix my phone.

- Keep forgetting to read up on the math that I'm going to need to know how to do for my upcoming classes. I even signed out books from the library! *shiver* Okay, maybe I'm just avoiding that one :P

- I keep meaning to try and figure out what's wrong with our other computer, the nicer newer one :/

- And I'm sure there are plenty of others.

Although, I think I credit a lot of it to the fact that I'm actually going out a lot now, getting out of the house. A lot of time is spent at the library and various places. Last weekend I was at a Petsmart and they had these kittens you could adopt. They were so cute :) Wish I could've taken one home...

I have no idea what the point of the kitten comment was. I baffle myself sometimes. But they were cute I think that needed to be said =)