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School was school, minus all the really cool seniors from last year and add a shit load of freshmores (technically sophmores but considered freshman because they had freshman year in the annex of our school). The freshmores are so annoying. They haven't figured out the hallway crowds yet where if you just stand there someone's going to walk into you. Lol lame.

First period (weight training/conditioning) I'm in a class with 19 guys, and no girls besides myself. Which is pretty awesome because that means I have the whole locker room to myself when I shower lol.

Second period is AP World and I love this class. It's a college level course so it's really hard, work wise. But the teacher is amazing. He went on this big religion rant about how in his class no one is any particular religion and how were all clean slates. Then he's going to teach us the truth about religion, people made it all up. He is so an atheist lol.

Third period is Algebra II and it pretty much blows. My teacher is so unique, like in a goodish way? She had us draw the whole time lol. Our homework assignment is to find a picture involving math.... I like this.

FOURTH PERIOD SUCKS SUPER BALLS. No lie. My teacher is originally from Africa, so he already has an accent. Then he also speaks chinese and french; the whole class time he spoke really fast and we couldn't understand him. Then he kept going off topic and teaching everyone chinese words. I was kind of discontent because I actually like Genetics and if I'm going to take a class for it I actually want to learn about it. Ya know? Plus the whole class is filled up of the fakest girls you will find in my school and football players. Great combination? Only if your making a drunken porno. Oh not only that but there is this one girl who is really really weird (no offense) but she kind of brings it upon herself. She dresses in cosplay to school all the time and she considers herself japense even though she is full blood british. The "popular" girls made fun of her the whole class. I'm not going to lie though but I couldn't help but laugh at some of it. She basically kept egging them on.

I have A lunch with my best friend and the girl who I spent my whole 9th/ beginning of 10th grade liking. We're all cool again, it's kind of like the old days with us three just chillin'. Except both of them technically aren't allowed to hangout with me anymore outside of school at least lol. Lame.


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are annoying, and sometimes funny looking too. LOL You guys actually have to shower after gym? And isn't teachers not allow to give personal opinions on religion in a public school? Maybe only in Canada I guess... An African American speaking Chinese? That's some news man!

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All the freshmores look like

All the freshmores look like middle schoolers. Their so tiny! Lol. We have the option of showering, and since I'm the only girl in the locker room I figured I might as well. AP Class is like a college course so he's allowed to say whatever he feels like saying. He cusses a lot too, it's pretty awesome. I KNOW! He is soooo multicultural!