Floating on a cloud

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No, seriously, I'm about ten miles high off happy adrenaline right now. I went to a concert with W last night, and it was amazing in every possible way. We were taking pictures of each other, 'cause that's just how cool we are, and she looks at me and goes, "You're really pretty, you know that?" I turned bright red for the next five minutes or so, but it was totally worth it. Then, when we were leaving, the crowd was crazy and we were worried about losing each other, so she grabbed my hand. I know it was just to make sure we didn't get separated, but still... she did keep holding it for longer than was really necessary. These mixed signals are getting crazy here, what with all her ranting about J, and all of her comments about being "straight as a board". Well, I don't care, having her this close to me is all I ever could have asked for.


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awh. that's really cute, and

awh. that's really cute, and sounds veryveryvery fun..even if she is just your friend. friendship is so amazing. enjoy that :)

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mixed signals suck shit...

No, seriously...gah....TT_TT they are the worst....

That's so straight. No, seriously.