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Bai joined and I'm happy. :3 I loves her. <3

Oh OH. I never told you about thedream I had the night before last. It was SCARY.

I remember, I was at school....
And me and my frends were sort of suspicious of something going on, we were worried.
And sure enough, soon people start being taken away, and then it's not even just school anymore, it's the whole town.
And we're absolutely terrified, and what's worse is only we seem to notice what's going on.
We make weak attempts to fight it, but we don't even know what we're fighting...
Soon even my mom was taken away.
One day my two best friends seem totally out of it; have no clue what's going on and argue every time I try to get them to come along.
It's late at night, and me and the very few who understand the situation, we're meeting at the school, we're in a closed-off hall whispering and doing all we can to stay hidden.
And then we heard a noise, and we all know it can't be a good sign. I take the initiative, move close against the wall, headed for the next hall over.
I hear more voices, and know it's not a friend, and am desperately trying to pull out and latch the gates that would close off the hall their in; give up and shut the thick curtains behind them instead.
I rush back to our meeting place as quietly as I can, make the girls hide well before I find my own hiding place, which was one not to well thought-out.
I hide behind simple curtains, as if that would save me. And soon the voices come nearer, taunting us in a way, they know we're there. I stiffen, close my eyes and hope he doesn't notice me; and he doesn't.
Unfortunately, my friends were not so lucky as I. They dragged my friends away, whether by their hair, or in handcuffs, but they were all taken, save for my one stubborn ally that strugged much to fight it; she was shot in the head.
I hid until they were gone, and then collapsed to the floor, sobbing and no clue what to do now. I waited at the school until morning, and then rushed out the back; I would be part of this anymore. I skidded to a stop just outside the door, staring at the three teenage boys who stood outside. They were by no means up to no good, these happening had left them desperate, alone, and violent.
I stared to a moment before trying to hurry past them; but it was no go. Soon as I had just passed them, they came after me. I hurried away, but they were just seconds behind.
Finally I realized the only thing I could do was stand my ground.
They came after me with metal pipes, and on top of that; they were definitely bigger than me.
I'm not sure how I managed to escape the situation, but I did; knocked the youngest of their group out and the other two were too worried about him to come for me.
Somehow, I ended up nearly dragged back to school, and I knew I had to stay. I was careful the whole day, quiet, and always walked close to the wall.
There were a few fights that day; mostly over food, which had become scarce outside the school at this point.
Someone tried to pick a fight with me, but I backed off; no way I would be busted for fighting at school, they could be taken away, not me. Actually; that's exactly what happened. Just as the person seized my shirt, one of the 'guards' took him, and dragged him away, leaving me on the ground, on my knees with my head pressed to the ground in a demeaning sort of bow.
We weren't to look the guards in the face, which was sort of why students near the conflict did this; as well as to show respect and hopefully avoid the same fate.
And then I woke up. :/


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That's intense

and kind of terrifying. But it sounds like it would make a good story.

I had a dream that I was pregnant. It was probably the weirdest, most frightening dream I have ever had.

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It was more intense living it. ^_^;

It was one of those dreams that was so realistic and intense, you can feel, hear, smell, see, taste everything.

And being pregnant, that WOULD be a scary dream. :/ With paranoia like mine I'd never leave my room! XD