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I am writing this journal entry, because I'm thoroughly annoyed that I can't find the English dubbed version of the second episode of Gravitation!!!!! >.<
I got the first episode fine, and I can find the fourth episode anywhere, but the second is MIA, and it bothers me!!!!
Of course this all wouldn't be happening if it wasn't for the fact that I noticed that Jessie, from Pokemon (yes, I was watching the oldies today) sounds almost perfect for the voice of my character Cayley... I want on IMDB to see what else she was in, and notice that she played someone in Gravi as well, so I was going to watch the series to hear her voice there, but then I was wrapped into the awesome-ness that is Gravitation, and now I REALLY want to watch it, and CAN'T!!!!
*deep breath*
Okay, rant over....


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Good luck with hunting!! And

Good luck with hunting!!
And what about the 3rd episode? Lol...
<3 FLAME ON! <3

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The third one's missing too.... I can find the fourth, but I don't really want to skip around...

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