Haha, kay then...

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Mmkay, so I was talking to this friend of mine yesterday who said that she figured out the situation with a guy friend of hers by asking her subconscious for a dream with the answer in it, and she got it. I figured I'd try it, just to see if my subconscious would respond (I never remember my dreams).

So, I asked the question of whether I'm bi or gay, not something I care much about but fun to see how a dream would respond, and I had a dream that I remembered for the first time in months. Unfortunately it made no sense with the context.

It pretty much involved some friends and me wandering around in a giant building with all white rooms, me mentioning something about how the giant white rooms would be perfect for one of my friends who loves to make movies just because you could do a lot with a set in them, and then coming back to the beginning where there were a lot of our teachers running like a charity event or something involving art, and I pointed out an oriental looking cartoon drawing that I think was from mulan, and I pointed that out in my dream. Lovely response to the question I asked, huh? xD

Unless anybody can miraculously read an answer in that, I think I'm gonna have to give up with my friend's theory.


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I tried that once.

I had a dream where a priest gave me a prayer card. It had a tassel that was a different color from the other ones he was handing out. I looked at him, wondering why, and he just shook his head.

God, I hate dreams sometimes.

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That's an interesting dream

That's an interesting dream to have...

I have a friend... actually the one I was talking about, she has the most epic dreams I've ever heard about. They sound like a cheesy action movie. :O

"Assets, what are our assets?"

"Well I've got a banana, and in a pinch you could put up some shelves..."

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Funny you should mention that...

Last week I started taking out some books about dreams from the library and at least one of them suggested doing that. Writing a letter or something and asking for an answer to whatever you need. I think dreams really do mean things. If you're really interested in finding out what it means maybe you could try some websites that give you meanings. I use this one website dreammoods.com and if you type a certain thing you saw in your dream it will give you the meaning of it.

From the books I've read the dreams usually have really cryptic meanings. It's all about symbols and stuff. So, it's kinda hard to figure them out. Like, sex sometimes has absolutely nothing to do with actual sex it could mean something entirely different. So...I'm still reading and learning about them. But I'd start off with websites that give you the meanings of particular objects ect....see if it helps you understand the dream at all.