Happiness: Adj.

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I'm happy, things are going good. I'm COMPLETELY over Mallory and I love this feeling. Like I'm emotionally independent now, even though there is this one girl who I'm pretty sure I like (never going to happen though). I deleted all the pictures she sent me, threw out all the glowsticks she gave me, shit I'm even redoing my room, kind of. I spray painted one of my walls into a chalkboard. I'm excited for it to be done.

Happiness: Adj. how I feel at this exact moment.


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Great...But Are You Sure?

Happiness: Adj.

Thought it was a noun :-)

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Well congrats!! And isn't

Well congrats!!
And isn't that chalk board paint cool??
Maybe you should by 3D chalk and doodle all over it. :D
<3 FLAME ON! <3

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Congrats for the day of

Congrats for the day of independence and happiness!

Nothing is good or bad, but thinking makes it so.

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Shit is it a noun? The

Shit is it a noun? The fumes definitely affected my brain lol. Chalk board paint is so cool! I'm getting these small square bulletin boards and making a checkerboard out of them above my bed then the wall adjacent to the bed in chalkboard. I think I love it.