Help, I'm Addicted...

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... to South of Nowhere. Thanks, lacking_direction. It has its moments where I'm banging myself in the head, thinking "oh my god, crappy show", but the Spashley scenes are SO worth it. Problem is, as soon as I stop watching, I'm hit with a "why can't *I* have that?!" feeling. Solution: don't stop watching. Problem inhibiting solution: stupid episode won't load. Ah well, I shall wait.

On a rather similar note, the (unfortunately straight) best friend I'm madly in love with is having boy troubles, and feels the need to confide in me. The comforting part isn't half bad, but it's still a tad bit painful for me to listen to her talk about him the way I think about her.

Exactly two weeks 'til I leave for boarding school. Tick tock...


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sorry I'm addicted too

I watched South of Nowhere online last year. I randomly found it, but I never finished the third season, because I was watching it on a site and it was acting up and I kind of forgot about it. Spashley deff made up for the crappy moments. Ahh! now I have to finally finish the show.

You're going to boarding school? I wanted to go, but my parents are conservative southerners who were appalled at the idea, and I asked many times and did all the research. But no, oh well, just one more year till I go far far away to college. Good luck at school!

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South of Nowhere. It was sooooooo good at times but then yes, it had it's crappy and really aggravating moments. But overall it's totally worth it, especially the first season.

I'd feel the same after watching episodes too. Like, when am I going to experience those things? But hey, when it feels like it's almost impossible to happen in real life, TV shows like SoN help to fill the void for a bit. What season are you in?

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I was

addicated to it once. And I definitely had the envious feeligs too as much as I dont wanna admit. Best luck with you boarding school! =) Mine starts in two weeks as well.

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Also a former addict of SON. It definately had awesome scenes with Spahley and everything and they did make up for the shitty scenes. I heard that they decided to add another season instead of cancelling at the end of season 3a. But!...there will be no ashley. And there were rumors of Spencer and Aiden hooking up.

Now I'm not saying that any of this is true. This is just what I heard. I'm not sure on anything. Did anyone hear anything else about the show?

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Another season? Sweeeeet.

Another season? Sweeeeet. They have GOT to keep Ashley though, she's so badass.

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Haha you're welcome! It was

Haha you're welcome! It was my pleasure. :) And yeah Ashley is definitely a must if they add another season. None of this Aiden Spencer romance. Clearly their names do not combine well and therefore will not work. Can't top splashley.

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SoN was just plain fun. I

SoN was just plain fun. I mean, it was awful show, but a wonderful awesome show. <3333

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