Home troubles are a'comin back

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Earlier today my mom and dad had been on the bus and long story short my dad basically yelled at my mom and called her an asshole a few times in front of ALL the strangers on the bus. Then they were sitting together for a while and then he moved to a completely different row. When they got home she told him how embarrassed she felt and everything and he hasn't spoken to her since. This was all because she didn't buy a newspaper on the bus (she thought he was going to). Pfft...so stupid. But anyways, she went out on another bus (by herself I believe) to buy a paper and when she came back home she put it on the couch and he threw it off. T'was my day but it wasn't over yet.

Tonight after my mom went to bed I went to my room and soon after I heard my dad leaving their room and I went to my door and I saw my mom closing her door and I'm pretty sure she was crying. I hate it. I freaking hate it when he does this. I don't know what he did or said (if anything) but I'm fairly certain that she was crying. She was making some kind of noise anyways.

There's something that makes this all so much worse. That stresses me out even more about the whole situation. But I'm still hesitant to let anyone know about it. I guess cause it's not about me, it's not my story and I don't have the right to spill out other people's secrets. So, I won't write them down. All I know is that on one hand I'm glad I know because one of these days it could be helpful but at the same time I hate knowing this thing about this person.

I'm surprised I've wrote this much. Lately I've been too busy (because once I'm on Oasis I'm on for an hour easy) or too tired. But today I needed to get it all down even though I'm deadly tired. Yes deadly :P But yep, I have to get some sleep as I might go out with my mom tomorrow so she can escape from his grumpiness. Again.

Oh, and my dad hasn't said one word to me either....a little weird. I hope tomorrow everything is back to normal. Well, relatively normal anyways :/

**Listening to Limp Bizkit's chocolate starfish and the hot dog flavored water album. It helped last summer when I was going through some tough things. Believe it or not. I know everybody thinks Fred Durst is a douche bag but I love this album.**