How do you say?

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OMFG?!?!?! I'm turning eighteen in less than a month (yays!), but that isn't the point. My parent's are divorced and have split custody of me, my older brother and my younger sister. Now, legally when I turn eighteen I don't have to follow their parenting plan. Meaning I don't have to go back and forth every Sunday and live with one parent for one week and then the other for the other week. Confusing for outsiders I'm sure. But it works for us.

My problem is I don't know how to tell them I'm fucking done with this shit and I don't want to do it the last year of high school. My brother is going to be a junior in college so he hasn't done it for a while. And he got out of the plan when he went to college because that's logical (plus his birthday is at the end of the school year), it just makes sense. Mine is at the beginning and I can't fucking do it anymore. My brother only did it his senior year of high school. Four years I've been living out of a suit case. Four years I've been forgetting shit and living without it. I can't do it. I already have issues with my mom. I'd rather live with my dad anyway. *Ugh*

Oh, but my parents do live 3 miles away from each other. That parts is easy. I go to the same school and can take the bus no matter what house I'm staying at. But it still bothers me that I have to move EVERY WEEK.