I had a disturbing dream. D:

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Yeah, I have lots of crazy dreams, but last night's was just downright sick. I wonder why I dreamed it. Does it have a hidden meaning or something?

In my dream, my friend died instead of went away. D: I became super mega depressed, so my mother took me to Walmart, and we bought a shovel. At this point, I had no idea what was going on. Then, she pulled into a graveyard, and it all made sense. I started freaking out as I watched my mother dig her up. Mother then turns to me and tells me that I can keep her if it makes me happier. WHAT THE HELL? I was still freaking out horribly, and I kept saying that digging up dead people is illegal, and asking what am I supposed to do with her when she's dead, and insisting that I am not a necrophilliac, etc. But mother wouldn't listen and threw her in the trunk of the car. I continued freaking out the entire way home, and at the end of my dream, I was writing a post on here about how my mother digs up dead people.

Holy shit, it was disturbing as all hell.

Anyway, as of today, I don't have to be the loser who sits alone in French class. XD (There are only a handful of people there, and they're either people from my grade that I don't get along with or really immature eleventh grade boys. Damn, what is wrong with the eleventh graders from my school?) This new girl, who I think is from tenth grade, but I'm not sure, came and sat with me. She didn't rip my head off, so I suppose she's nice enough. :3

My art teacher is so negative. D8 She said all of our artwork is going to suck. You know why it sucks? Because she gives us five minutes to "draw this perfectly in proportion." I take FOREVER to draw.


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That is a freaky dream.
But yay for nice people sitting next to you in class! :D
And maybe art will get better? The teacher might get to know you and understand that you take longer to draw.
You never know.
<3 FLAME ON! <3

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Hopefully... She just seems

Hopefully... She just seems so negative! D:

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Drawing quickly can be good,

Drawing quickly can be good, but as a way to loosen up, not achieve tightly-rendered perfection. You shouldn't be expected to have exact proportions.

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I know. I just can't really

I know. I just can't really wrap my brain around her complaining that Art 1 students always suck and then turning around and giving us 5 minutes to draw something PERFECTLY. I'm not sure if she's a good art teacher so far... D: A few people I know weren't pleased with her.

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o_O I thought my dream about


I thought my dream about Bob Barker and The Price Is Right (don't ask) was freaky.
Two wrongs make a right...winger.

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I tend to have very freaky

I tend to have very freaky dreams in general.

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Sounds like it. Tell another

Sounds like it. Tell another one :D

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I only really started

I only really started remembering my dreams a few months ago. I used to never dream. However, I had this one about five months ago where EVERYONE from my school all went to this one tiny restaurant. For some reason, my grandparents were there as well. I couldn't find any of my friends because it was a tiny building that was way overcrowded. I began to get sick and ended up fainting in the restaurant, and no one cared. At all. My grandparents left without me! >:( So when I woke up, I had to walk home, and somehow, the road between there and home got stretched about forty miles. So I was walking and walking and walking... in a blizzard? It never even snows where I live! And I just kept walking.

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that's terrible!

"And miles to go before I sleep"... so this is what Robert Frost was talking about, it wasn't death after all!

...Except you were already sleeping, technically.

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That's kinda scary.....whoa. I have lots of dreams all the time and some really scary ones that stick with me forever.

I've always been really interested in what dreams really mean cause lots of people think it's our subconscious telling us stuff. I use this website dreammoods.com and you just search for particular things that you dreamed about and it tells you what they are supposed to mean. I have to say that a lot of the things I've looked up in the past were very true. Almost scarily accurate.

Even if you don't really believe that dreams mean anything I think it's fun to see look them up and see what they supposedly mean.

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if you have really f'd up dreams that you need explaned...pm me...and put drem in the subj. i'll look up the elements and get back to you..ok?
now back to our regulerly scheduled insanity...

"to live a day alone, only THAT would be torture! An hour without you, only THAT would be death!" ~gomez addams