I love hospitals even more :D

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So I noticed this week how many beautiful women I have around me at work. Even the nurses and therapists from the hospital side are all beautiful. I love being around women so much. There are a couple that have caught my eye in particular though. One is a physio therapist, and the other works in the lab.

The physio therapist is incredibly sweet and is always over on my side of the facility working with the seniors. She is quite pretty and I would love to get to knnow her on a more personal level. The lab tech. is a young woman around my age. She is definaetely my type looks wise. Chubby face, short hair, athletic build. Yeah, I call it the Sarah Whyte type hahaha. I like the physio woman more because our personilities click. The first time I saw the Lab girl I was still in my relationship with Kara. I felt a little guilty because I wanted to get to know her deep down and personal. B----ut I didn't even go there. Thankfully (although I was a little bummed), she was not the one taking my blood. Instead I got a old nurse.

So one of the patients I see often ended up in the hospital with a bad infection and I visited him today. His wife was there and she was really worried. I said some comforting things and helped her to feel better. Then two girls walk in to do a ECG on my resident. It was the cute lab girl! I was quite happy. We had a good conversation. I dunno. I notice women around me a lot more now. So I have a order to get get some blood work done that I've been putting off for ages (cause I know nothing is wrong), but I'm definately gong to go get it done tomorrow. It's a good excuse to go hang out at the hospital for a bit.


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This almost makes me want to

This almost makes me want to go to medical school... but I would die. It's not really my area of interest.