I love life.

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So, I agreed to be the lab techs friend. Her name is Chels. I told her everything tonight. How I know her aunt, and i grew up with some of her friends. Howe I utilized all of the resources (healthcare team) to ask her out for coffee, and just coffee. How my intentions have always been to just get to know her because she is special, and that I respect that she just wants to be friends. She hugged me when she realized how hard it was for me to ask her out for coffee.

I'd love for something to work out eventually in the future, because we have good chemistry. But I am not waiting around forever. I am going to continue to explore life. But something about her really gets me. From the moment I saw her, I have been drawn to her. Perhaps after time has passed, something will work.


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For coffee dates!
Really glad that it worked out.
Maybe she'll realize that you're amazing and fall madly in love with you. :)
<3 FLAME ON! <3