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So I just had one of the weirdest dreams ever. The fact that I remembered it itself just shows how weird it is/was (I never really remember dreams unless they are really weird or good, 3/4 I can remember are weird).

So this is basically how it goes:

My friends and I go to this haunted farm plantation house and we run through this meadow to get there. On the way we run over this piece of wood that is used as a bridge. We then proceed to go into the building and we realize that it's still occupied. So we all run out of the building and end up on a gravel trail in the forests. On the trail there was random carriages with wax people on them. *Fast forward a couple of years* I bring my mom to this plantation house, we run through the meadow and over that same bridge (everyone who goes through the meadow is running? No one ever walked through it). It's this huge ass mansion that looks kind of like a 70's house, you know, wood paneling on the outside. Except it's a tad bit run down and it has vines growing on it. When she see's it she instantly falls in love with it, and by that time the owners had died or left or something. So she decides to buy it and the next day we move in. When I say "we" I'm talking about my mom, her boyfriend, my brothers, myself and my literally crazy grandma (I have no idea why my brain included her in this). So we all move in and get settled when weird things start happening. My vision begins to change from color to black-and-white. When I sleep in the house my dreams are in black-and-white and I see what happened in the house. A married couple had ran a orphanage and had two kids of their own living there. One day their vision changed to black-and-white and while seeing life in that shade their biological kids were kidnapped and the orphans were killed, but they still moved, kind of like in The Unborn, I guess. Then their eyes would change their vision back to normal showing everyone alive and their kids not taken. Inevitably making them go crazy.

So I get to see their point of view and the house ends up making my vision end up like theirs even while awake. Then a flashback of me as a really young kid pops up, running through the meadow over the bridge to the house. This keeps popping up throughout the dream, like no joke it popped up at least 10x. And the kid me is SO happy, like happiness just radiates off of her. Then it shoots back to the dark house and craziness, then it'll shoot back to the bright and happy young me running through that damn meadow.

I can't believe I remembered this. It was so weird.

I actually went on a search to see what this meant and this is what I found:

Kid- Childhood, Innocent, Joy without profit. Warning of family quarrels.
Running- No restraint. Freedom. Distance. There is something that you want to escape from.
House- Financial security. Happiness within the family. Honor and dignity. Being.
Bridge- Connection. Overcoming problems. Change in business occupation.
Forest- Natural forces. Social activities of a happy nature. Ready to explore.
Dark- Mystery. The unknown and unformed. A place of fear and potential. Difficulties ahead.

I don't know if this helped me at all lol.


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Ah, the subconscious mind. Gotta love it!

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I'm the same way. I never remember my dreams unless they are really good, really scary or just plain weird. I'm not sure why. Can't I have a normal dream? I guess not. My dreams have been as weird as yours. Ranging from my dad being eating by a huge fish, to me being chased by a headless guy with a machete. I also had one about a weird house. But I was in a wedding dress. Very weird. But anyways...I can totally relate to this.

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This is amazing. Can't

This is amazing. Can't believe you can actually recall it with such clearity!

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