I'm going to celebrate life with a suicide girl.

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School starts on Tuesday. I'm actually ready for it to start, this summer has been so unhealthy. I feel as if I put on like 10 pounds, but I haven't. I just haven't really worked out and now my muscle definition is like zero. I hate that. Good thing I have weightlifting/conditioning bright and early all semester. It'll get me in shape for basketball season too, which is always good because basketball tryouts are absolute hell. 3 miles, 1 is timed, the other one is in 100 yard dashes, and the last one our coach gives us 2 minutes to run one lap around the track then we get a 2 minute break as the other group runs (repeat that 4 times). LOVE IT.

I need a hair cut so bad too. Like my hair is really long and I can't stand it. OH I just finished my AP World paper, fuck yes. It took me all day to type, strictly because I kept getting distracted by Farmville and Austin.

Well, I don't have much to say. I just kind of felt the urge to write... so I did. So peacee.


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I start tuesday too.

And have fun running all those miles.
I would probably die before finishing. Lol.
<3 FLAME ON! <3

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My work out plan has totally failed. =/ Oh lazy me... Good luck with your school and the basketball tryout! I know I'll never make it...

Nothing is good or bad, but thinking makes it so.

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Freshman year tryouts were a

Freshman year tryouts were a joke. Like we ran a couple suicides and called it a day lol. Sophomore year we had a new coach who loved to run. Hence all those damned miles lol. She's here this year too so it's going to be the same, awesome. Actually last season 8 players pulled leg muscles, two of which had to sit out the first 3 weeks of the season because of them. That's the Varsity life lol.

Oh trust me, lazy has defined my summer as well.