I'm in love with the lab tech. what should I do? hahahahaha

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So I went to get my blood taken today. I ruffled through my pharmaceutical drawer through the many doctors notes, unfilled perscriptions, info sheets etc. And found my blood test papers, and marched up to the lab in the hospital, and quietly put my paper in the little bin that I was told to. And sat in the waiting room.

So I sat there... I stood up, got some water. Then I sat back down. I started thinking "I probably won't even get to see the cute lab tech I like." But then I changed my mind and thought "No, I'm gonna get her, and we are going to have a nice conversation while she takes my blood." And what do ya know! She came out and called my name! I was stoked.

So I was kinda rambling on because needles make me a little nervous. I let her know that I work just on the other side of the building from her. We talked about her job a bit, my job... How I used to be afraid of needles... and then it was done and I had to leave. I mean, how do you ask someone out when they're taking your blood? My blood is really really dark by the way. It doesn't freak me out to watch my blood being taken anymore.

So yeah, I don't really want to go to the lab and ask her out randomly... My friend suggested that I go to the hospital as much as possible. My other friend said I should just fake an illness to get another blood test requisition hahaha. I like the second option cause it's hilarious! next thing you know I'm in the hospital for having too much blood taken. So yeah, let's just hope my patients end up in the hospital a lot for the next month ;) I'm just kidding. I go see my patients regardless of whether there is a cute girl around or not. I'd miss them too much if I didn't.


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Blood Is Dark!

It turns red only after being exposed to oxygen (iron rusts)!

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Good luck with the asking

Good luck with the asking out of the cute lab tech. :)
<3 FLAME ON! <3

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There's a long history of

There's a long history of people being attracted to other people in caretaker-like positions: nurses, doctors, psychiatrists, counselors, lab techs (?)...

Anyway, do you know if she likes girls?