It's what we needed to have a good time.

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I'm about to begin a night of sober art. Excited? Very much so.

Today I hung out with my mom. I took her to the movies to see 500 Days of Summer. She drove and I paid for everything. Then I took her to my favorite sub/chill out place. She never knew where I went with my friends and I took her to where we always are. I hope it was a bonding moment.

On the ride home we had a humongously deep conversation. We talked about love, human abilites & emotions, philosophies, Mal, how we related to the movie, the future, and then she talked about me. She started saying what she liked about me. She said she loves how I'm a deep thinker and that I care about others. She says that I have a huge heart and that's why I have so many friends; because they feel as if they can turn to me when they have problems and I'll be there to listen and confide in. She warned me to be careful because some people might take advantage of that and then I'd be stuck with everyone's problems on my shoulders. Luckily, I had my sunglasses on because I started to cry a little and I didn't want her to notice. Whenever someone says something good about me I tend to tear up. I don't know why exactly, I think it may be because I don't see what they see. Like my mom was saying how good I treat my younger brother and my older brother but sometimes I feel as if I treat Luc like shit and Nic is just there. Like I don't know why it affected me so much. It was cute and nice and she said that she doesn't tell me enough how much I mean to her and how good of a person I am. I think that's what got me.

It's nice when it's her and I. When we got home everything was awkward though. Her boyfriend just makes everything weird, really really weird. Like he sits there in silence while we all talk and he doesn't make eye contact. My mom is pretty much throwing us together and trying to make us talk. She forced me to call him today to pretty much ask his permission to take my mom to a movie, which I thought was COMPLETELY LAME. Like I asked my mom why the fuck I had to ask his permission to spend time with her. It's like she's on a fucking leash or something and it's ridiculous. Then she made me text him and tell him to call/text me if he needed to reach her. She's trying so hard, too hard, to make us get along. I'll talk to him when I need to, and vice versa. Actually, he talks to me when he's drunk a lot. We hold conversations, unlike when he's sober and won't talk to me. Gotta love drunks.


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Ah my friend is bugging me

Ah my friend is bugging me to see that movie, is it good? Sorry to hear about your mom's bf.

Nothing is good or bad, but thinking makes it so.

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It's so worth it. Like it's

It's so worth it. Like it's so good, but depending on your experience with love you might find it a little depressing.