just an fyi (and impromptu rant)

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now that school's started i don't know how much i'll be on here. especially since i'll be joining the GSA this year. and i haven't been feeling very angsty recently. (that's good right?) but i promise i'll keep y'all updated on anything major, and i'll check in at least once a week. just, i might not answer PMs in the best time.
...i think that's about it.

oh one thing. K keeps mentioning, both over text message and in person, that (paraphrased) "there's something i want to tell you but i don't know how to say it". i'm trying not to let myself leap to conclusions, but honestly, what else *could* it be? she doesn't do anything bad or dangerous or teenager-y, and i doubt she would without telling me (i mean, we're best friends and all), she did tell me when her sister was sick in the hospital, and i can't think of anything else that she would want to tell me but not know how to say. ...but my dratted self-confidence (or rather, my lack thereof) prevents me from speaking up even with such positive evidence that what i wish might be coming true.

oh AND there's a new girl in my grade who's in my physics class and i think she's a rainbow girl/alphabet person/queer, due to her hairstyle/outfit/multiple rainbow bracelets. XD we shall see...


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Maybe hopefully...

Being forever optimistic when it comes to romance, I don't see what else it could be, but good luck!!

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C'mon now, allow yourself ot

C'mon now, allow yourself ot be optimistic for once. Maybe in a way that's not so much so that if it's not that you feel like killing yourself, but I can't think of anything else it would be either. I hope it is that. ^^

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