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Goodness gracious! I haven’ been on Oasis for sometime but I feel outnumbered by girls. Just skimming the surface I only see girls...where are all the boys? Surely there’s someone near my age on here that happens to be of the same sex that happens to have some similar interests? I know this isn’t an online dating service but I’d like to get to know some gay guys especially since I know none.

Let it be known that I have nothing against women, I just feel deprived of understanding men. It’s always been easier for me to find an understanding woman.

Anyway, I’d like to take the time to make a quick update. I AM going to the Christian college. I’ve moved some great distance away and unfortunately think I’m in an area just like the area I left, almost nothing gay. Anyone know of anything good in Pennsylvania?

I guess I’ll keep it uber short.


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I can't help at all (except

I can't help at all (except wish it goes well) because I'm nestled in the deep south; but I did notice the fourth paragraph of your bio seems to resonate with me quite much.

Except I'm not in high school (8th grade is what I'm in) and I'm never going to stop being negative.
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I noticed

the overpopulation of girls too... I agree with you, we definitely need more y-chromosomes here =)

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A good third of the girls wants to be guys, though. So, there's that...

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