Live through this.

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I'm cleaning out my room,
and packing my bags.

You text me then you won't reply,
I love the games you play even though your miles away.

Mallory texted me to tell me how much she loved the CD I made for her. Awesome? Not so much. She won't reply, hence the stanza above. These games she plays aren't so cute anymore.


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That sucks dude... Being

That sucks dude... Being wrapped around someone's finger is a pain in the ass...
<3 FLAME ON! <3

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here here

oh the pain of falling and being lead on...

the world should be a box of lucky charms. gays and christians stuck together on a hot summer's day :)

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It's weird, one half on me

It's complicated, one half on me wants her to talk to me and the other half just wishes she'd leave me alone. That's not weird is it?

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weird-no, a summery of every relationship i've ever had- yes.....(MAN, it sucks to be me!
"look at him! i would die for him! i would kill for him! either way, what bliss!" ~gomez addams

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Hey at least at one point

Hey at least at one point there was something right? There's always an optimistic view on every negative situation.