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double post. heck yessss.

i'm such a mercurial human being. i can be up and down within a day, within an hour. i love it and i hate it. god bless anyone who can handle it.

i was to just get lost somewhere with someone. i don't care where and i don't care how. i just want to be somewhere far away that i've never been before.

i'm oddly contented...at peace and yet...conflicted. with myself, with my goals, with everyone and everything. perhaps that's the nature of the human condition. until we find absolute meaning, we are never truly content.

i'm sure i'm rambling but i don't really care. trying to upload a video to youtube, but it's taking forever. whenever it's done, i'll post a link...if anyone cares.


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I like what you are saying

I like what you are saying here. We have to find meaning in our life in order to become who or what we are meant to be. BTW, please post a link to your youtube video, would love to see it!