man down! man down!....

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i'm feeling kind off like crystal today.... the really expencive kind you break by ringing too hard....and it's because today is the 7th year anniversery of my first date, with my first bf.... so, if you could send hugs, kisses, love,chocolate, and any thing else you can think off to get me out of my nest of tissues and tear-stained photos, i'd love it very much....


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*chocolate* XOXO
and as one of my friends likes to say "when you're down look up!"
i hope that helps sweetie!
Two wrongs don't make a right but three lefts do!

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So... An Experience in Common With Ferrets!

It appears that he has had a great influence on whom you've become. I hope you've not lost contact... but the tears suggest otherwise. I'm very sorry.

If you have any words of wisdom, I'm sure Ferrets would appreciate your sharing them with him!

Metaphorical chocolate on the way. I'd be arrested if I were to send kisses (not that I'd be unwilling!).

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im really soryy bud....

i dint mean to bring it up when i mentioned my boyfriend :(

love is when you think about them twice for every other thought...or is that obsession? is there a differnce beetween those two things?

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Please Accept My Apology...Ferrets

I may have been out of line and inadvertently offended you by saying something I had no right to.

But my intention was to applaud both you and jacjessen90 for going on dates with your first bfs at roughly the same age (12/13).

My bad; sorry!

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Hugs love and

Hugs love and chocolate!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And many many exclamation points. :)
It'll be okay. We're all here for you.
<3 FLAME ON! <3

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More hugs and chocolate! And

More hugs and chocolate! And just one exclamation point. :(