medical 'WTF?'

jacjessen90's picture can guys get pms? i ask because: 1) i'm the bitchyist person in my family right now,2) i'm ready to rip out someone's throat for 1 peice of gheradelli, 3)i've got aches and pains from here to hell and back 4) i'm an emotional basketcase, crying and laughing both in the space of 30 sec., 5)nothing in my closet fits, and 6) i've got really weird a tuna-fish and cherry-pie-filling sandwich

anybody know what's up?????


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There is a form of male PMS, it's called Irritable Male Syndrome; it's caused by low levels of testosterone. It can cause mood swings, stomach cramps, and even hot flashes and other symptoms are anger, anxiety, hypersensitivity and irritability. It can lead to other problems, but I won't go into that.

It's commonly caused by certain medications, diet (Eating too few or too many calories can impact testosterone levels, as can eating an unbalanced diet.), excessive alcohol consumption, illness, lack of sleep, stress, and surgery.



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It Depends Upon What "M" Stands For...

No, you're not suffering from the female version of PMS. But, although the press give it scant recognition, there exists a male version of PMS that is likely endemic.

The symptoms you're experiencing are certainly not a version of the female affliction. However, members of the RRR (not to be confused with the "3 Rs" from grade school) pray daily, and most fervently, that God would inflict these symptoms (or worse) upon all who experience male PMS! Thankfully, these prayers go unheeded; God, in this regard, is not vindictive.

What you are experiencing, however, is whole 'nother kettle...

Please have your family doctor make an appointment for you with an appropriate specialist. You don't need to tell him about your PMS; if he is much older than you, you'll just make him envious...

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thanks y'all for tellin me

thanks y'all for tellin me about this ims stuff... and by the way i had a friend say that guys can't suffer from pms cus they don't have a uterus... i said"what about simpathy pains...the guy's not in labor but still has labor pains...." he called i showed him the ims page on webmd....he shut up and said "so THAT'S why you're always cranky and chocolate" i was NOT amused....

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