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"How will you determine who's homosexual?....Will you be sucking them off?"

I watched Milk...finally. I happened to be at the library at the right time the other day and it was waiting for me right on the shelf. It was really good. It was neat to see his story (or part of it at least part of it) played out like that so all of us could all see what he went through and learn more about Harvey Milk.

It was inspirational. Just to see him, in a time like that, be the starter of it. You know? To challenge the law and do what was right. Although, I still can't get over the fact that people were so ignorant and bigoted back then that they thought all homosexuals were pedophiles. I mean really? Come on now!

And James Franco he started to annoy me in the last couple Spiderman's but he was great in this. And obviously Sean Penn was :) I thought he was way better in this than he was in Mystic River.


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i thought that movie was friggin' awesome :DDDDD

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Back then?

A lot of people *still* think gays are pedophiles.

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A member of the church that I used to visit said that to me once, and I was like WTF?!?

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I love MILK!

I absolutely love that movie, it's now one of my top favorites. My favorite parts are the "Give Them Hope" speech and when he and Briggs have the public debate. When they travel around and argue their sides. I really liked how Harvey said being raised in a heterosexual world..etc. didn't make him heterosexual, so how would homosexual teachers make students gay? I'd never thought about it like that before. I think Harvey had a knack for coming up with the most obvious and simple answers in a complicated mess of public opinions and views, he was a true leader. The movie inspired me, and I now really admire Harvey Milk, Cleve Jones, Dustin Lance Black, and Sean Penn. There's a documentary about Harvey too, called the Times of Harvey Milk, I only saw about 15 minutes though, my computer was acting up, but I plan to finish it. You should check it out, it's on