Minor Bummer.

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Ala, the bane of the small town lesbian life. The labe techi is jsut not that into me. I went out for coffee with her, and I could have sworn she was into me. She was flirty, she touched her foot with mine, she asked what I thought of her... But she just is not really wanting to go out with me anymore. She is from a very catholic family. I mean, if she is a lesbian she is sure not aware of it.

Oh well. I just needed to pout a little. Can't miss what I never had and tomorrow is a new day :D


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Are you an optomist?

Cause your upbeat attitude makes me smile. :)
You are so right.
Tomorrow is another day.
There might even be another cute lab tech girl out there for you. :)
<3 FLAME ON! <3

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Thank you. I try my best to

Thank you. I try my best to be positive.

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ohh that's a small let

ohh that's a small let down..maybe her inner lesbianism will come out eventually and she'll realize she wants to go out with you..haha :)
if not, I agree with carmen, there are other cute lab tech girls out there!