not to sound whiny or whatever...

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...but i still need advice about K. here's a link to my original post...


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You could be like "If you were into girls too, I would totally date you!"
And if she's all like I'm into guys you can laugh it off and be like its a joke or whatever. But if she's like wellll turns out i like you too. Then you getcha some!
This can be done in person, a note, or through text message lol

Best of luck

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i kind of agree with the above poster, that kind of remark would be a great way to find out in a casual way without making things awkward :)

personally though, when i have something really important to say to someone i write notes. that way you can get out everything you need to say without the other person just leaving, and you can re-read yourself and proof-read and whatever. it also leaves the other party time to think. i'd say write a note explaining how you feel (assuring her that you guys can stay friends ect.), just make sure it isn't too serious. end it with an inside joke to keep it light. if you're too shy to give her a note in person, ask someone you really trust to give it to her. worst case, send an email (though this is quite impersonal in my opinion).

in any case i hope everything works out for you.
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Actually, I like

Actually, I like bleepbleepflashbleep's note idea. A friend's life coach made my friend do that, and it really worked. She had to say some things, but she didn't have the nerve, so she just wrote nice notes (the idea about including an inside joke is good), and left them in people's lockers.

Besides letting her know that you like her, also tell her that she's been a great friend, that her words of advice have helped you, that you will always love her as a friend- whatever happens. Thatwise you both make sure you get your message across and you have a great chance to make whatever happens afterwards easier for both of you.

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Okay this is random and off

Okay this is random and off topic but I like the new profile pic. Lol. Nice hat.
And again I apologize for the randomness. :)
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Thanks guys. I think a note

Thanks guys. I think a note might be the best solution. Writing things out makes me feel more confident.
...and thanks carmen! XD
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<3 FLAME ON! <3