Nothing could bring me down...

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Until now.

I was happy, feeling good and doing great. I got grounded last weekend, but that was no big deal to me; I just spent the whole weekend drawing.

This week has been okay so far; but everone was all prepared for mom's flight back to Texas; they told her my previous stepdad had been served and the court date had been set, she was trying to get child support from his sorry ass.

Yesterday morning we all got up early to see her off, and yesterday evening I babysat one of the cutest and easiest kids in the world, and got paid for it. :D

I've been awake for almost four hours now, and this day has been horrid. I had an awful nightmare that I was on the deadly end of happening similar to that of the persecution of the Jewish people; my mom and family and friends were taken away, and it was all just awful.

And then I woke up out of breath and scared and somewhat disoriented, but finally my senses came 'round and I realized I was dreaming. I wasn't feeling good this morning, I think I'm getting sick, as well as somewhat depressed. And I've been fighting with my stubborn brother all morning, and my stepdad's pissed off.

And then my mom calls. As it turns out those bastards lied, and my previous stepdad was never served; so he didn't show up. We spent over $200 on plane tickets for my mom, money we didn't have, because we were ASSURED if he didn't show up, he would be arrested. Only to find out he was never served in the first place; he didn't even KNOW about it. Just because some lazy bastard didn't do their job and lied about it.

Our family is screwed. We didn't have that money and 9 dollars an hour part-time isn't enough to support our family. We're already three months behind on most of the bills and we're living in a family member's basement. I don't know what we're going to do anymore....