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i am so absolutely pissed off right now.

i'm going to have to rebuild my ENTIRE iTunes library. i'm going to have to look through my computer and try to find my downloaded ones, then try and find copies of the ones i imported from cds.

only thing i can be happy about is that it was a relatively small collection, under 2,000.

but still......gut-wrenchingly maddening.


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I have to too.

It really does suck.

So what happened to you?

With mine, the problem is, the program itself had a virus and I had to remove it, so now any time I try and re-download iTunes there's an error and it like, uninstalls itself. -__-. I'm never going to be able to update my music again...



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i downloaded mozilla

i downloaded mozilla songbird, a web browser and music player and everything was fine for a while. then it started getting all wonky, so i uninstalled it, and it took most of my library with it. now i have to comb through my computer looking through my music.

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I hate how itunes needs two copies of the songs. It takes up so much space!
<3 FLAME ON! <3