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Ok so obviously the following journal entry will be chock full of cuteness and giggleness and love-sickness. I don't really care if you chickenbutts groan and rolls your eyes at the silly lesbian who's all cuckoo for some girl...because she's not just some girl.

In February, I got the balls (cue all transvestites groaning) to send a PM to DefyingGravity...I was the typical theatre geek and freaked when I saw her screen name and the way that she talked about her beloved puppies really caught my eye. And thus a whole new path in my life opened up before me. Mind you, I'm a paranoid twitch so I was CONVINCED until the moment I heard her beautiful voice on the phone that she was some 40 year old man trying to take my innocence...or what's left of it. So yea, I trusted her but I didn't wanna trust her because I was scared. But one day I just called her and the moment I heard a single syllable leave her lips I was done for. CRASH BAM BOOM! I was hers.

So for the past few months my text message inbox has been full of just texts from her. Even just letters sent from her hand to mine makes my heart beat fast.

This girl, this silly and uncoordinated perple-haired beauty is mine and I couldn't be happier. I call her and her voice makes me want to cry because it makes her seem so close though she's a whole country away. The day that she sent me a text telling me that she needed me to be hers was the day that the clouds parted and I realized that I had to be there for her or else my life would be incomplete.

I don't care if she's a country away...she's mine and her voice speaks lovingly to me and makes my chest throb with a pulse that I thought had died a long time ago. She's gentle and smart and kind and strange and confusing and twitchy and beautiful in body and mind. Her smile makes me smile and her laugh makes my legs go weak.

I wrote again. I haven't written in weeks. I saw her face in my mind and the words flooded me and I wrote her one of my favorite poems to date. Mine. Hers. I miss the feel of her hands in mine though we have never touched. I miss the smell of her hair though I've never been able to bury my face in it. I miss the way her eyes gaze into mine though I've never had the privilege of being able to stare into their depths.

DefyingGravity...heh...that's for damn sure babygirl. So Oasis...y'all should be proud of yourselves...you made this love-sick lesbian one happy little buggar!!!!



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almost(nt quite tho) as cute as a ferret. good luck you two :)

without ferrets, this world would be hell in a a hamster cage

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oh ferrets, i totally agree

oh ferrets, i totally agree *decisive nod* they win in the cuteness department anyday

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Good luck with your

Good luck with your relationship :) I met my boyfriend online and he lives 1,000 miles away from me. Everyone around thought our relationship was silly and would fail after a short amount of time. We've proved them wrong by keeping positive and things are working out in our favor. Don't let the distance get you down too much. I know how difficult it can be.

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thanks :) yea it's difficult

thanks :) yea it's difficult but we make do. phone conversations late into the night and all day texting sprees XD things will work out i know it

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Awww, that's so cute. Good

Awww, that's so cute. Good luck!! <3 <3 <3
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That's adorable! :)

That's adorable! :) Congratulations.

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That's so adorable. :) Good luck you two.

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Such a sweet post =) Good

Such a sweet post =) Good luck guys and congrats!

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i think i just got a cavity

i think i just got a cavity from the cuteness.

eh...congrats hon. :)

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youre welcome for the

youre welcome for the dentist's visit!!! :D

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Aw thats awesome!! Good luck

Aw thats awesome!! Good luck with your relationship :] its so cute! Congrats

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Haha, didn't make me

Haha, didn't make me groan--on the contrary, it reminded me to be hopeful. =) Glad things are going so well for you!
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aww well i'm glad :) this is

aww well i'm glad :) this is the first time in a long time that ive been positive and hopeful at all so.... :D

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I'm glad she didn't turn out to be a creepy 40 year old man. But seriously, good luck to you both!

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hehe thanks! :) and yea..i'm

hehe thanks! :) and yea..i'm kinda glad too. and if she IS she does an excellent makeup job XD