on going poem...whatcha think?

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soothe thy inner flame
it burns thy soul and body
not known is it though

in the name of both
the god and three-fold goddess
may this be true love

in apothicare
our eyes meet over monkshood
and our hands both touch

as we both reach for
the same parcel of vervain
we become entranced

his eyes bewitch me
rings of purest, clearest blue
his soul on display

skin of cream-soaked silk
pale as moonlight on the sea
smooth as quicksilver

as i ask his name
i scrounge for a parchment sheet
found i scrawl contacts

the next day i see
a number and 'unknown call'
i pick up this time

oh, what luck have I?
the caller is he asking
"are you free tonight?"

my heart all a-flit
a date with this cute young man
pinch me, do i dream?!?

at eight of the clock
he appears in my doorway
wearing full white tie

as he guides me out
i see a horse drawn cairrage
and he said "shall we?"

as we drive away
he reaches under the seat
to bring out a box

"what is that?" i ask
"it is something i got you,
the key to my heart"

i open the box
inside is a literal key
stylized necklace

"you now hold the key
to all of my deepest thoughts
i trust you fully"

oh what rapture sings?!
this seems to progress so fast
and yet is too slow

only the first date
and yet i know without err
that he has my soul

within a week's time
we have discussed all of each
now we ask the last

"will you be just mine?
for now, for ever, for good?
will you marry me?"

as these words spring out
i gasp and am speechless made
all i do is nod

to Priestess rush we
with haste we can do so now
handfasting be cast

the priestess asks us
"do you both join without guile?
if so join thy hands"

without waiting we,
clasp each other and look deep
into our mate's eyes

on the altar bound
is the book of memories
may it ne'er be full

(this is a work in progress.. tell me what you think and i'll ad more when i can...)


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I really like it. Very

I really like it.
Very fluid. It moves well. Good job!!
<3 FLAME ON! <3

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I like the sort of blend of the archaic and contemporary.