power spaz

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Went to church, came home and was about to take a nap because I stayed up late and got 4 hours sleep and...BOOM! Very loud thunder. It was raining hard and thundering, so I just lay on my bed listening to it for like 15 minutes. Then the power went out. So I then took a nap. :) I love sleep and rain.

I woke up and read the first 2 chapters of American Gods by Neil Gaiman. Then the power started to come back on...and proceeded to have a spaz attack. I swear. I watched my ihome speakers/clock turn back on and off about 5 times in like a few seconds. There were random beeps and a dull booming echo, I think it was the ac unit. So yeah we were in the stone age for another hour or so, then the power came back on while we were out at Office Depot. The power plant is so messed up sometimes.

Now I'm procrastinating from taking and SAT Prep Math test by hanging out on Oasis. Does anyone else hate standardized tests as much as I do?


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sounds scary... I hope you are not alone at home. And YEAH! We dont have SAT here in Canada! But that only means our GPA would be the whole pie...

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not scary really

It wasn't so much scary as it was sudden, I mean it was just raining and then Boom! Then it was more rain and thunder, but I was aware of it obviously, expecting it, but still susceptible to jumpiness. And lucky you, I would take the gpa being more important over the SAT. I know the SAT doesn't measure real intelligence or potential, but it's required. And the most annoying part is that people and colleges seem to be slowly realizing how pointless it is, yet they still require it and let everyone obsess over it to get into their school. Arrghh...

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I hate them yes.

Standardized tests are horribly painful. Lol.
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