SHIT SHIT SHIT SHIT and good news.

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FUCKKKKKKKKKK! I need to start sending in college applications asap! FUCK! I completely forgot I am gonna be graduating this year! SHIT!

Good news: wedding status= still on baby YEAH!

FUUUUUUUUUUUUCKKKKKKKKKKKK! I can't fucking believe I forgot...


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Smooth Move Ex-Lax

Heard that saying the other day, wanted to use it; you know I'm only joking, right. Things will work out fine; but I decline comment on the wedding bit.

Also, I heard this saying the other day, and can't find a reason you use it: 'My face need space so get up outta my Kool-Aid.' Haven't heard that since the fourth grade, XD. Use it at your leisure.



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I know how that feels. No

I know how that feels. No one told me that I needed to look at colleges JUNIOR year.

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Hahaa college

Hahaa college applications... that's a pretty big thing to pass out. Congrats for your wedding!

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