Titles are HARD!!!!

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So, I went over to my family's houses this weekend (they live in a line on this one road, so I didn't just go to one house...) and it was fun!!! It was form my aunt's 60th birthday, and her retirement, so it was an all out party for the first bit. We got one of those Hummer limo's, and went to a fancy restaurant, and drank 4 bottles of champagne, and two bottles of wine (I didn't get much, but I'm not complaining. I still got champagne and wine!) It was all fancy, and fun! We had an awesome driver too, and he did all these crazy things with the limo (like drive through a baseball field while there was going on ^.^) Plus he was hilarious!
After the fancy part was over, we got into the REAL party! (not saying that being in a limo with a bunch of drunks isn't fun, but it was REALLY warm!) We stuck around the houses for a little while, eating and chatting, but then ten of us went on a hike to the abandoned house nearby. It was like the PERFECT horror movie scenario! I mean, here we are, trekking through the woods in the middle of the night to go visit this old house that the owner got dragged out of, supposedly for testing on humans, and that is full of animal bones, and medical books and equipment, and the floors falling in on. On top of that, my two cousins and I heard voices behind us as we were walking there! It was the perfect movie scene!
But, alas, nothing scary happened.
But again, I'm not complaining, because on our way back my other two cousin's took me hiking, and not some easy street, flat surface hiking. We're talking going up and down an almost 90 degree angle hill using only trees and tree roots. It was sooo much fun, and it was such an adrenaline rush!
The funny thing is that, when I got back to the house, I checked myself for cuts and stuff (just in case) and I noticed that all my cuts are on my one wrist, and nowhere else! It looks like I was cutting myself! (and the thought of doing so isn't the funny part, just the grouping of the cuts)
Other than that, I got to see my cousin's new house, and ate a lot of good food!
Next weekend, I'm flying down to Maryland and spending my time there at my grandmothers house, so I won't be on much.... T.T I'll be back on Tuesday though!


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:) ..your family lives in a

:) ..your family lives in a line on a road..lol awesome!
when you described going through the woods to the old house that the guy got dragged out of for doing experiments on humans, I got really creeped out. I'm glad nothing bad happend..
have fun in maryland!

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The reason for the line is that my great, great grandfather used to own the whole piece, but divided it up in his will, so that his children could all have a piece.
I'm glad that I told it well enough to scare you! My job is done then...

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