To find a way back down.

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Today I went college shopping with John, he leaves in two weeks. I don't really know what I'm going to do without him. He is my best friend, honestly. Emily and Shelby are good friends but he is by far the most reliable. Emily hasn't really talked to me all summer, and I gave up trying to talk to her. She'll text me on her own time and I always think twice about replying, I think it's more of me wanting to give her what she's giving to me, a lack of time and interest. Shelby on the other hand, she's just doing her own thing. She got caught up in the bad life. She's out there trying to score Acid, free weed, alcohol, anything that will help her forget her problems. It's sad and I wish it were different, but it's up to her to fix her life, no one can force her. Her mom doesn't like me because I'm gay, plus she thinks I'm the one who introduced her to drugs. That is completely wrong. Shelby is the one who is always trying to do stuff but I'm cleaning up. No more partying, no more trouble, just work, school, and ball. I'm trying to figure out what I'm going to do with my life and I know that when I go to college I'm going to be sober and in charge.

Not only is John leaving, but all of my friends are. Everyone is leaving for college within the next couple of weeks. This is so going to blow.

Now I guess I can save my money, get everything that I've been procrastinating done and finish my last couple of years out strong. I need to finish my cleaning so I'll write later. Pace.