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Why the fuck are Camaro's such a big deal all the sudden? Like they're all over advertisements and everything, why? Sorry I just saw three ads for them and it frustrated me.

Today I handed out water/gatorade to runners at a 10 mile race. I got hit on a ridiculous amount even while they were running lol. Like one guy was running and trying to talk to me about my ethnicity. I'm pretty sure I'm about to buy one of those "Hello, my name is" stickers and write WHITE on it. But then again, that might be offensive. One girl there was soooooooo hot. She was tall, tan, and skinny, plus she had a really cool tattoo on her rib cage. My mom caught me checking her out haha awkward? Usually I'm really really smooth when it comes to things like that but she was like DAMNN.

After the race we went to downtown Annapolis and walked around the harbour. I found this really cool shop that I didn't know was down there and I'm definitely going back once I have spending money.

Oh my lucious locks are going to be gone next week (hopefully). Bye bye long hair, hello freedom.

I almost drove on the highway today, almost. I was too afraid to merge so I didn't go on lol. So my best friend is going to be working with me at Dunkin' Donuts! She had an interview the other day and our manager is going to call her back sometime this week. I think she's firing this one girl whose a total beiotcchhh. For real though this girl has like twenty faces. So "not good for business" =].

Oh and John walked, well WOKE up to his dorm mate masturbating. LOL awkward!



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The Camero ads probably have

The Camero ads probably have something to do with the Transformer movies. Just a guess. :]

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Lots of awkward moments in this one. Lol.

And yay for short hair. XD
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