Why is it--

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--I feel like the protagonist in a dating sim game? :/ It's silly really, but I was sitting there, chatting with a friend, and I started thinking about the peeps I sorta have things for in my life, and that was the conclusion I came to. I can even sorta come up with steriotypes for the guys and gals I've been around.

The cute and practically unattainable foreign guy that things would only work out with if I pick all the right answers at the right times.

The fun girl who's more of a best friend than a girlfriend but you wouldn't mind them being either.

The Joker/Slacker boy who's cute and fun to be around.

The friend, the one whose conversations are effortless and it always seems like you are on the same wavelength on everything but how you feel for eachother.

The cute/smart girl.

And the sweet and semi-innocent boy.

I could probably come up with stats too; but I'll leave it at, I think my stats are higher with the Cute Joker/Slacker boy than anyone else. I got his number today. :3

And of course, I mean this in a joking manner, I just thought it was a funny way to think of it.


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Things seem complicated...
I no get much break either...
Hope things work out with the joker kidd ;D

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Things are complicated, but good. I think thing will work out the way they were supposed to, I can't wait to see how that is. I really like him. I called him earlier; our conversation was short, but nice. He sounded glad to hear from me.

So how're you?