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I met a woman named Sue. I don't know what her problem is but she keeps mentioning our age difference and telling me she doesn't want a relationship. I mean, I get it. i don't want one either. So can we just fuck and be happy?

I like her and it does not need to be more complicated than it really is. She tells me I have a lot of life to live and that She wants me to live it (without her tying me back), but really, it iis my choice. it is not up to her to decide what my life needs. If she is trying to say that she is uncomfartable with a sexual relationship with me, she should just say it instead of trying to be all chivalrous. Fuck. She wants no drama, but what is so dramatic about being fuck buddies?

So I'm just going to not talk to her anymore. If she wants my company she can come find it. Because I really enjoy her friendship a lot.