A thought

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Memory is a funny thing. I have been growing for 21 years now, and I barely remember my life. I remember important peices. I remember memories here and there, but memory is so complex. It is so abstract! I have lived so long yet I remember very little. I remember a lot according to me, but in the great picture, I remember so little. So when I go to die, will my life remain so small?

I grew up knowing I was homosexual. But as a child, I thought I was the only one of my kind. My greatest memories are linked to my sexuality. So if my sexuality makes up most of who I am, does that mean I am primitive? I believe that sexuality, being a primitive need, is the basic existance of humans. So to define oneself by sexuality alone is to define oneself as primitive. According to Maslow's Hierarchy of needs, sex is in the most basic level of needs. So to define oneself by sex, means that one is defining himself by the most primitive of needs. I define myself by knowledge. I value knowledge and wisdom as much as I value love. neither is greater than the other. Knowledge is what created humans. I am made up of both primitive, and "secondary" characteristics.

Why does sexuality have to define so much of who we are? Sex is such a primitive action to define ourselves by!