as of late!

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per1 english honours- the teacher is really soft spoken and i sit at the back of the can imagine how much i say, "what? what did she say?"
per2 french 3/4- omg...i had her last year too...>< i hate her...
per3 modern world history-the teacher is cute...but idk...
per4 gym- no....just fail...i wanted to get my teacher from last year because she's awesome like that but i dont want to leave cristina...
per5 algebra b- eAe someone kill me NOW! i hate fucking bitch with a passion so strong....gah....yes i know i'm in alg B bacause i'm stupid like that....
per6 choir!!!!*happy dance happy dance* bacue Mr. gray is the most amazing dude in the whole fucking world!
per7 biology- he's ok's everyday! ><

so there be my schedule for about the rest of the year i's...not what i hoped for but...yeah....oh well...

i'll talk later! have fun with your days everybody!


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Is the bestest.
My teacher is awesome too.
Why is it that choir teachers are always amazing?
<3 FLAME ON! <3

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they are! lol but i think it's because of the music...their souls are over filled with shit and notes and melodies...not to mention history that they are just overall great people...'cept the choir tech i had in eighth was the worst thing that ever walked to planet!

That's so straight. No, seriously.