College Process, YAY! (Only... not.)

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Who here is going through this wonderful process right now? Who's already done it? Any advice for us poor slobs undergoing it now? Where did people end up/what schools are people looking at us? Who wants to tell us about the GLBTQ scenes at their respective colleges?

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I'm not going through it,

I'm not going through it, but my sister is... all I know much about is that Vassar and Tufts have a huuuge amoutn of gay men there. Like... the split between men and women is 60/40, and 30 percent of the class is gay men. *Shrugs*

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Well, I went through it all

Well, I went through it all last year around this time... and one tip- do online applications, since some colleges don't charge fees for online apps. Also, make your essays count- tell the truth, but say it in a way that will pull at the admissions people's heartstrings. =]

My college is amazingly accepting.. and it's a catholic college, too! Alverno College in Milwaukee. It's a women's college, so that's cool haha. Plus, it's a liberal arts college, it's laid back, everyone is SO nice (seriously.. you get smiles everywhere.. not even kidding), and there's tons of people in the GSA. =D Including me lol.

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I went through it. I feel like the only legit advice I have is apply for dorms early.
I go to San Francisco State University, and the school is 80% commuter, so if you don't apply for the dorms early they run out of space for you. So if your school doesn't offer freshman housing then look into this.

And as for the gays at my school. I know they're here but i can't find them :(

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I'm going through it

I'm going through it right now. I'm still finalizing my list of schools to apply to. But I want to go north, as I'm in the south. I've also looked at some schools on the West coast and northwest region. I'm keeping in mind places on the list of the most LGBT friendly colleges, and coincidentally I was already considering some places on the list before I saw it. It's stressful in general, but even more so for me and more involved to an extent because I'm Home Schooled. So I have to go through and find out the Home School admission requirements for each school I'm applying to. I'm also having figure out which schools are Home School friendly and which are less so. This whole process is making me think that high school is too focused on college in general. When high school is supposed to be about your passions and interests, having new and different experiences, and having at least some fun.

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I'm a college sophomore now.

Wow. I think I was a senior in high school when I joined this site. Time flies.

Anyway. Online applications are nice. Some state schools love nothing more than to throw scholarships at overachievers (I speak from experience). I don't want to post where I go to school, but keep in mind that when it comes to LGBT-friendliness some places may surprise you. My school is pretty accepting and has an active GSA, even though I'm in a HIGHLY conservative state.

One of the best things you can do is visit the colleges. This isn't advice to help you get in — it's to help you make up your mind. I had no idea I would like my college as much as I do until I visited here and saw how nice everybody was, and at another school I didn't really like anything except the surrounding town. You'll probably be able to guess which schools suit you the best pretty quickly.

Oh, and... for goodness sake, don't apply to schools just because they're prestigious and would look good on a resume/make your parents proud/whatever. If, however, you genuinely want to go to one of those schools, I am not about to stop you from applying. :-)

I'm not much of an expert, but I'm open to PMs with questions if it helps anyone. :-)

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Apply early. It definitely

Apply early. It definitely makes a difference. I tried to get into this special honors major, but it had rolling admission and I applied late. I had the scores and the grades and the talent for it, but I still didn't get in because I procrastinated. Don't do that.

UT seems to have a pretty good LGBT scene. Yeah, I've only been here for a few weeks, but last Friday they had a Queer Welcome Carnival that was pretty cool. Coming from a city as small as mine, it seemed like there was a lot of people there. And there are actually several different LGBT groups on campus rather than just one.

And one last note- rainbow longhorn stickers are awesome.