coming out on the first day of school

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yeah reaction from teachers but many from my peers...mostly just people i know...-_-'

i got alot of "oh my gawd i love it!" pointing to my wrist with the rainbow GAY cuff...that's what it says on the hot topic thing it was on...a wrist cuff...ok anyways...

i dont think there was pointing or laughing...i think there were stares...haha of course...

i had shown it to the new gsa prez and she was all like, "yes!" and stuck her fist in the times...

first day of school= omgwthbbqlmaowtfO_o


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You are too cool! I want to

You are too cool! I want to be you when I grow up-lol.

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aw haha

thanks...but i'm not even an adult...>.> haha *pats head*lol

That's so straight. No, seriously.

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Someone sent pretty much everyone I know at school a link to my Oasis journals while I was on vacation w/ no internetz... I don't even know how many people 'know', or anything else b/c other stuff was spread, so I'm not allowed contact till all of it dies down......
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oh you poor thing!

you need a huggles! *huggles* i wish i could give you a real one though...><

That's so straight. No, seriously.

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Badassery. I really like the

Badassery. I really like the whole rainbow accessories thing as a way of coming out--it's not obnoxious enough that some of the douchebaggier kids will give you heat for it, but it certainly gets the job done. Propos to you.

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^^ thanks!

btw siggy= awesome!

That's so straight. No, seriously.

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Thats impressive.

I'm jealous of your courage.
And of your GSA. Lol.
<3 FLAME ON! <3

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shanks very much!

That's so straight. No, seriously.

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Ditto what Carmen143 said. That is impressive. It was freaking brave of you. I'm glad it went well.

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many thanks

That's so straight. No, seriously.